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It does vegetable screening, conserving the juice Dressing gown the vegetables, and soon mezclela in vegetable juice It returns to warm up, to ripen and to serve Even diet to thin express: Chicken to Curry Ingredients 1 spoonful of oil 10g of butter 3 crushed teeth of garlic 1 onion median 2 spoonfuls of spices 1 teaspoon of worn out coriander 1/2 teaspoon of dry mint 570g of chicken cut in fillet pieces 200 ml of water Method It warms up the oil and butter in wok. It adds garlic and the onion and sofria during about 5 minutes until the east onion sea bream. To mix in spices, the coriander and the mint. To add the chicken and to cook during 5 minutes, revolviendo occasionally. To add the water, revolver and to cook to untimed fire without covering by 10-15 minutes until the chicken is cooked and the sauce have thickened. It is careful with the temptation that can feel to add dressings to these diets to thin express. If it applies these two prescriptions as they were mentioned and it is part of its diet to lose weight, I assure to him that it will obtain very good results.


Flamenco, marking cultural the specific one of a town: Andalusia p 3 1.1. Inaugural geography of sings jondo p 3 1.2. Social origins of the flamenco one: the gypsy, the miner, the day laborer and proletarian p 4 1.3. Confusion between the popular Andalusian and national Spanish .

andalucinacin p 5 2. The flamenco ritual and its spaces of sociability p 7 2.1. Flamenco prevailed in front of flamenco public. The desvirtuacin of the flamenco rite: of the familiar celebration to the flamenco-spectacle p 7 2.2. The tendency to the social segmentation in the custom flamenco p 8 2.3. The total expression: the sociocultural phenomenon and the musical phenomenon p 10 3.

The flamenco one: existential gorge of a town. Love and pain p 11 3.1. The pansexualismo Andalusian: erotic desire p 113.2. The aesthetic one of the pain. His tragicismo p 13 BIBLIOGRAPHY p 15 Introduction writes Luis Rosales in the beginning of his indeed distresses that sings is not spoken, sings is not written and I must, sincerely, say that everything what will come next, desoyendo to Rosales, will not be but a useless attempt to write it. It sings is not written. No. It sings is sung. And to write envelope he is to speak of him but without him. In order to hear it, to touch it, to drink it is necessary to live it and, for this reason, any pretension to theorize with him, of to shake vigorously rationally must it be necessarily uncultivated. Therefore, with this brief approach I will not deal to explain sings, to reason it, to express it of scientific way, but to delimit some peripheral questions in any case that serve to locate it like a deeply human product and deeply Andalusian.

Argentina Surveys

Knew you that at the moment is very easy to make money with surveys remunerated in Argentina? Nowadays any person knows to use a computer to sail and to use an account of electronic mail. Then, this is the unique thing that a person needs so that she makes money filling surveys. If you are unemployed, pensioner, in search of an unsatisfied work or with their work or its pay, the surveys remunerated in Argentina could be a great opportunity for you. It is enough that it spends to this activity minutes to him to the day to join a good amount of dollars at the end of every month. Certainly one is not an activity that can replace a true work, nor he will become millionaire responding surveys, but he is something that will help him to live the more calm, the more happy and to even change to its style of life or its work if this one does not satisfy him. With a good initial search, you will be able to know how the system of the surveys remunerated in Argentina works and to choose some companies that seem to him serious with which to begin to collaborate.

He chooses always those companies that not they have fear to speak of themselves, that says to him who are, for how many years are in the market, who are their clients and who they are recommended by other internauts. Once finished the selection of the companies, you will be able to happen to the following phase, that is the one of the preparation to the work. This following phase consists of abrir a profile with all information, to indicate to the company what is its style of life and that this knows that type of surveys to send to him. You can abrir profiles in whichever sites wants, in the language that wishes. The unique good advice is that everything behaves as a professional and responds with a certain consistency, regularity and sincerity.

Sigmund Freud

-, that is not but that the curative power by means of the regression of the patients to previous lives. This is obtained by means of the hipnotismo. For the Dr. Weis, the life of a human being, does not finish with the death. – The death is only the passage of the SOUL to future lives, like all we have had hundreds of lives before being born.

– What we do in our lives, – it will influence ours future reincarnations, – throughout the way of evolution towards immortality. The majority of their patients finds solutions to their physical problems, including the cancer or other diseases, once they manage to see what they have happened in his previous lives. Of this form, their lives are transformed deeply, and find but peace, but happiness and solutions to problems., physical as as much mental. According to the Dr. Weiss, we evolved constantly by all the eternity.

Our souls never die, simply happen from a life to another one. During its therapy, when the person enters deep state of hipnotismo, a begins to count of its previous lives. Some as distant as hundreds of years before Christ. They describe with amazing presicion the previous lives that had taken at that time. To transported or realised regressions to thousands of patients. Some of them, during one regression, begins to speak languages that have not heard nor studied never. – Languages, inclusively, of thousands of years before Christ. – Places with an exceptional exactitude Describe, although never they have so at least read on these different places. – According to the philosophy of the Dr. Weiss, all we are immortal, and the important part but of the human being is the SOUL. -, which lives eternally. – This is very similar to the affirmation of Sigmund Freud of which the mind works in two levels. Conscious and the Unconscious one, and the unconscious one is indeed the SOUL. – For the Dr. Weiss, all we own a soul that exists after the death of the physical body, and that time and time again returns in other bodies in a progressive attempt to reach a plane superior. – Some of their patients have happened through many different lives, – from a Japanese soldier of itself the XV, a boy living in France during the time of Napolen, – a mother mistreated by their husband at the time of the slavery in EE.UU., – and so on, – a patient can have happened through hundreds of lives., as well as seguira happening to future lives. Hundreds of therapists have recorded thousand of sessions on patients having described passed lives, and the majority of the experiences of their patients has been verified and verified, concluding that what says these patients under the hypnotic state, they are precise information that to the fantasy or false memory cannot be attributed. – For the Dr. Weiss, our souls have happened through many lives before being born, and will return to pass a other lives, after the death. That is ours ” inmortalidad”.