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Corrosion Protection Of Steel-Past And Present

Losing weight and thickness of zinc coating per year of service to the magazine 'Professional Painting', the protection of steel LvovANTIKORROZIONNAYa-Past and Present History of man's struggle with iron oxide, which is called at home rust, is measured by thousands of years. It is not known when and who first smelted from iron ore found near a volcano or a piece of black metal. Most likely, it was Chinese, since Chinese civilization is considered the most old. Could it be the Egyptians and Babylonians, but it is safe to say that in the hands of this man held a cast iron (iron with high carbon content). It was he who first saw and rust – the result of endless oxidation process. In nature there are no deposits of iron and steel, because sooner or later they turn into rust.

No matter how sad to realize, but all the rust and metal products. Since time immemorial, rusted dishes and Jewelry savages, barbarians, horseshoes and arrows, shields and swords of the Crusaders, the Spanish conquistadors in the shells of South America, chests and pirate swords Cossacks. The only way to protect against corrosion of these rather expensive in those days things were animal fat. But the "fat" as the saying goes, "all is not enough," and after the arrival of capitalism and its wars, tanks, railways, planes and cruisers problem of protection of steel surfaces has become particularly urgent. In the rust started to turn billions of currency units. Recently, a well-known National Association of Corrosion Specialist in the U.S. (NACE), reported that each year due to corrosion Western European country is losing about 4% of GNP.

For a small country like the UK is about 30 million or 49 million euros. According to the (1997) Central Research Institute of Structural Materials (CRI CM) Rosii "Prometheus" (St. Petersburg) vSShA these losses exceed $ 100 billion a year.

Supporting Structure

Railings are the backbone of all elements of stair railings. During the construction of staircases fabrication and installation of handrails on no less attention than the construction of staircases. Install handrails begins with the installation of supports. Generally, for fastening of supports used rail connection types. Constructive mount intermediate (reference) rack rails – the basis for the further installation of stairs and the remaining rails. The main purpose of handrails – protecting a person from falling. According to regulatory requirements, as well as the safety conditions of moving stairs, marches, with more than three steps must be safeguarded railings.

Railings – not only supporting structure for the remaining elements of stair railings, and fences and safety stairways and platforms. Typically, the vertical rails are made, sometimes – inclined. Based on the rules of composition, the railing should be combined with all the elements of stairs and railings. Used for the manufacture of rails of various materials. The main types of rail: metal railings (railings, stainless steel, aluminum railings, wrought iron railings, banisters of steel) rails, wooden, plastic railing. Often, when construction of the stair railings, banisters of practice for composite materials.

Handrails are always in sight. Their impossible to hide, but because their production costs to pay more attention. From the appearance of the rail depends on the general form of the staircase. The most striking look and have better properties is stainless steel railings. The most recommended option today – welded rails, because they are ideal for all types of stairs. Prefabricated rails (designer) – convenient because you can assemble them yourself, saving on installation. But such savings in the future may lead to loss of structural rigidity. So in any case it will be right to turn to professionals. Stair railings have primary safety function. However, in our time add a decorative purpose, which is the deciding factor.