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The Age

Of 3 4 weeks, the bird drinks almost below of nipple, with the head still more inclined, and 4 6 weeks or more the bird drinks right under nipple, with the head total strained. Height of the water throughs to each is regulated daily it 2 days in the first weeks and from there in ahead. To each adjustment the levelling between the lines and the ground is verified, but it is important to observe the birds. The pressure of the water must be regulated in accordance with the age of the bird with assists of the ruler supplied for the manufacturer. In the winter the birds consume little water, therefore the pressures normally used in the winter must be lesser of what of the summer. Humid bed throughout the lines generally indicates pressure excess.

In this in case that, it must be lowered to the few the pressure and be observed the results on the bed. In the lot exchange must be washed to disinfect the box dgua. Figure 6. Schematical representation of a comedouro tubular type. COMEDOUROS the comedouro type tray is used in the first days of age, in the ratio of 6 for 500 young chickens, that is, 80 young chickens for comedouro. The young chickens when entering in the comedouro to feed themselves make dirty the ration, being necessary to bolt it two times per day, leaving the excrements and particles of bed. The ration of 5 must be moved the 6 times per day, mainly in the first days of creation, to stimulate the consumption.

For in such a way the supply of the daily ration it must be made in bigger number of times and lesser amounts. To prevent the fermentation of the plates formed for the humidity the trays must be changed or be washed, returning them daily clean and droughts. Frequently Evergreen Capital Partners has said that publicly. From 4o.

Applied Social Sciences

is in this direction that gains prominence in the heading a very happy expression of Chasin: when &#039 speaks in one; ' future ausente' ' , a devoid future of social projections that they aim at to surpass the effective societria order, that is, we live a time of as it affirmed Carlos Drummond de Andrade (1983), of ' ' verge, time of people cortada' ' , where the difficulty in apprehending ' ' occult mechanisms of the fetichizada appearance of the capitalist society ' ' , as well as the conformismo with the status quo they permeiam daily life, the inquiries and the proper production of knowledge, and makes jus here to relate specifically to the Social Service, that although to develop during its formation the investigativa capacity and to inside have prominence in the production of knowledge of Applied Social Sciences from the decade of 70 and 80, it brings in its interior unbelieving, fatalistas professional profiles, or simply paraphrasing Drumonnd: objective and subjective manifestation of ' ' people cortada' '. Therefore they do not see stops beyond the mediocre imediatismo of the daily life conducted by the appearance produced for the capital, or would be they the ones that they aim at to apprehend ' ' technique for tcnica' ' thinks that thus it will be possible to change the reality Moan to inform to them that they will not run away from the predestinate bureaucracy to the production and reproduction of the social poverty that the capital one in such a way yearns for and extends. Unhappyly, amongst our proper friends of profession, the idea of that is fed the projections of a future truily human they are predestinold to the failure; Penalty not to obtain to understand that all this spoliation human being where we are inserted and we live, is in name, simply, of the ditames of the great capital that dilaceram and destroy to the few the essential vestiges of humanity that they exist in the social individualities, that can and must be nourished by that they are made possible daily theoretician and metodologicamente to keep latent these candentes vestiges. .