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One of every four people who calls a telephone information number makes it to ask for details on leisure and tourism (23% of queries), according to a study of 11811 new information telephone, information company of value added services, companies, institutions and individuals. The most consulted following are information about shops (15%) and agencies and official procedures carried out in institutions (14%). Within the category of leisure and tourism, most popular queries are those which deal with restaurants (7%), transport (6%), leisure and travel, (6%), and accommodation (5%). In them, users of telephone information numbers request more diverse support: from the simple request of a phone number, to consultations about what to visit in a tourist place, which Argentine restaurant is the most valued by gastronomic guides in a city, what time leaves a particular train, where tickets are purchased for a musical poster, or even help to get to the chosen hotel or information about whether the property has a swimming pool or supports dogs. Shops: distribution, real estate, household appliances and furniture, the most demanded according to the report prepared by 11811, almost one of every six calls (15%) received in different information phone numbers, are to ask for data from shops.

Consultations on supermarkets, Department stores and supermarkets, which account for almost 15% of consultations stand out above the rest in this group. Also, real estate (7.5%), household appliances – sales and technical services-(6%) and furniture (5%) establishments, are the following establishments most wanted by users. Behind them lie with consultations on stores of clothing and the sale and repair of Informatics (4%), followed by libraries, totaling 2.5% of consultations in the area of trade. Institutions: city councils, government agencies, associations, courts requests for information on institutions, represent 14% of calls to telephone information services. Of these, 28% are on city councils and 27% on official bodies. Educate yourself with thoughts from Kaihan Krippendorff .

New In The Assortment Of PCE Germany GmbH Is The Laboratory Technology

High-quality analysis, testing equipment or laboratory devices are designed for professional applications, specifically for the laboratory technique. Laboratory technology is another important area of the PCE Germany GmbH wants to start further through measuring, weighing and control technology. Electronic gauges or vacuum appliances are important materials in the laboratory technology. Experiments, process controls and quality controls are unthinkable without these necessary devices. The laboratory technology is another important pillar on which is built for PCE Germany GmbH. High-quality analysis, testing equipment or laboratory devices are designed for professional applications, specifically for the laboratory technique. Others who may share this opinion include Dropbox.

In the development and design of the special equipment, security has of the later user priority. Protection switches, safety valves, contact switches and thermostats are integrated everywhere where they make sense. There is the right device for every application in the laboratory technology informative refert and calibration certificates according to ISO-norm. With instruments of the laboratory technique of the PCE Germany GmbH has succeeded even untrained personnel to a short time to obtain meaningful results. In the Internet, product divisions are clearly listed with various equipment from the sectors measurement, control, weighing and laboratory technology in the upper group and the corresponding subgroup.

So that every customer quickly, easily and comfortably his product can find at home. The product pages of PCE Germany GmbH no more serve not only to inform of an individual device, they also inform about the individual technical areas of a general category. You could compare it to a technical dictionary.