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Environmental Protection

As the representative of the environmental activist 'Wildlife Conservation Society' Herilala Randriamahazu, these are unique to coastal waters Madagascar creatures were first spotted about a month ago. Then they jumped on the shore of no obvious reasons so far. David Green takes a slightly different approach. The tragedy occurred at the port Antsuhihi on the northwest coast of the island. Elucidation of the possible causes involved in the incident arrived on Madagascar a group of American zoologists. Products in France will provide labels indicating damage to the ecology of the north of France carried out an experiment in which all the products in E. Leclerc stores are labeled with an indication of how much greenhouse gases released during its life cycle – from the moment raw materials extraction to recycling. This experiment, which is held the Agency for Environmental Protection and Rational Use of Energy (ADEME), is a transitional phase, from January 1, 2011 labels indicating the environmental harm will be mandatory. For example, a kilo of honey glass pot 'worth' 1.2 kilograms of carbon dioxide, and in a plastic pot – is 0.83 pounds.

A kilo of apples imported from China, costs of 0.92 kilograms of carbon dioxide, while the kilogram of French apples 'Golden Delicious' 'highlights' of 0.24 kilograms of greenhouse gas emissions. At the entrance to the supermarket is located booth to inform buyers about this experiment. Customers are offered a brochure, "I save my planet ', by which they can compare the amount of carbon dioxide that is produced as a result of its purchase, with the number 'allocated' average consumer basket or shopping, committed a similar composition of the family. .