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Without Complexes

Psychological complexes – this is a misconception about their human physical or mental limitations. Even the careless statement in the direction of the child regarding his physical appearance or action can instill he set that can ruin a lifetime. Mark Stevens describes an additional similar source. Complex – a long lingering, emotionally colored thoughts, ideas, memories, method and mechanism of self-determination rights in society. This psychological problem, we carefully hide from prying eyes. The complex makes us feel and at the same time dictate our actions, thoughts and words. Drew Houston shines more light on the discussion. In psychoanalysis, according to tradition, the names of the complexes tend to use names mythic and literary heroes.

Oedipus complex – drive her son to his mother and hostility toward the father that is dictated by the desire to take the place of his father. Griselda Complex – unconscious desire to keep his father's daughter for himself expressed in the refusal of all applicants for her hand. Complex Ions – reflected in the fact that a person experiences fear of success and reduce their claims. Polycrates complex is expressed in a feeling of anxiety as we approach the one way or another achievements. Complex of Cain – the envy of the youngest brother, who get more parental attention and care.

Napoleon complex – the desire for special achievements – both in social and love life, characteristic of stunted men. Jocasta Complex – vigilant parental control over their own child of the mother. Complexes are mainly formed in childhood, strengthening us in a subconscious insecurity. It was at this time shaped our view of ourselves, an understanding of their dissimilarity to the other, that causes ridicule or condemnation of others.

The Rule

To this end, the Creator divided it into two halves: male, beyond which it remained the name "Adam", and women, called "Eve". Male part – Adam – is inherent in property returns, and women – Eva – a property receipt. Since then, the female part is responsible for ensuring that receive pleasure from the Creator, and men – Adam – for being similar to the Creator, the same loving and giving. If both sides reach an understanding and unite in common action, they will create a single "container" that can accommodate all Higher abundance. Youth return to the biblical story.

Eve wanted to eat certain fruits, as in other words, to get a certain pleasure. "The tree of knowledge" embodies the desire to enjoy that is not available at this stage. After all the preparation has not been completed, and "forbidden fruit" threatens to throw the creation of a spiritual level down, under the rule of selfishness. At first all went well. Adam calmly "walked past the temptation, that is, easily comply with the ban. However, the problem is not the Creator to the creation of "live fast" in the Garden of Eden, and to bring it to perfection. To this end he calls "artful of all" – the snake. Of course, the "serpent" – this is not infamous reptile from the order of scaly. This is a prudent self-interest, which manipulates all of us. Knowing the role of Eve in the common soul, the human ego persuades her to seduce Adam's guilty pleasure to that he is not ready yet.