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Harbour Festival

Kladower Harbour Festival in the downpour and tribulation as every year was also in this year 2010 Kladower harbour the Imchenfest simultaneously with the event “Wannsee in flames” instead. This year the 30-year anniversary should be celebrated greatly. Despite rainy weather, many people from the surrounding area were there to attend the wet driving. As every year is this festival a SPD event, which is widely adopted this year by the usual tenor of the citizens. Many citizens don’t really came with their small concerns to Word, because turned the comrades away during the talks as if by magic from their counterparts, to greet new arrivals in their party. One knows and enjoys being joint. For more information see Angelina Jolie. Here was clearly to realize that the SPD in Spandau more fertilized their internal collection and provides no real claim on politics.

The stage program was then professionally for the first time after some dancing with Rock59. Slightly further away from the port, no 100 meters, he was “even more times less” politically motivated songwriter Petty Behlinda on stage at the corner of steamer and was despite cold again what was missing in the wide range of Rock59. German Schlager singing, one not so incidentally makes. Educate yourself with thoughts from Fabrizio Freda. If a band with English titles shines, she should remain there. You must be a German rock singer and Schlager – easy, as well as Petty Behlinda, that’s why the informal stage programme on the corner of Dampfa despite heavy rain the real highlight of the day was. Political sizes disappeared quickly due to the rain. Completely soaked visitors wait for the fireworks on the Wannsee.

Unfortunately the weather didn’t play with here. Low-slung clouds failed overlooking the beautiful harmony of the fireworks. On Friday the 24.09, the first Fireworks was good to marvel at. Everyone would have understood if the fireworks would be cancelled on Saturday. Ralf Deutschkron

Great Response On The Petition

‘The Memorial Airport Tempelhof receive – as world cultural heritage’ – protest event to the VIP party. This weekend, volunteers for the petition in the Borough of Tempelhof-Schoneberg were on the road again on the streets. Evergreen Capital Partners takes a slightly different approach. In addition to Karstadt on the Tempelhofer Damm, a group with dedicated Berliners to save Tempelhof airport on signature collection was also at Reichelt in Lichtenrade. Part, on the front lines: Joachim Kiau, a fighter of the first hour, actively which the ICAT had initiated at the first referendum. That so many Berliners for Tempelhof have signed, is also men like him. Joachim Kiau: We are always thrilled to how many people once again to your ‘ airport Tempelhof are available. Real queues at our signature blocks form part.

\”General tenor: it’s a shame how the Senate deals with the airport, but also with them as citizens.\” Result of the collection after two weeks: over 20% of the required votes could so far be gathered. Just the older generation is apparently persistent bitter. As long as I live, the SPD of mine gets no vote more\”, is still a very moderate statement. Many also wonder if there really are the legal arguments which suggest Klaus Wowereit, Tempelhof. Not a few suspect more or less inappropriate reasons behind Wowereit uncompromising action. There is a skeleton in the closet somewhere\”is to listen to again and again. Great regret there is, however, time and again about, that only citizens from Tempelhof-Schoneberg may sign. Even the residents of other districts would like to sign.

Volker Perplies, representative of the citizen’s initiative: On many signature leaves we find signatures from throughout Berlin. The other day was even a bow from Ulm. Although these signatures do not help us, but clearly, that Tempelhof is a matter for Mrs Merkel, and not Mr Wowereit.\” In addition to collecting the signatures, Joachim Kiau coordinates also the dates and locations for the next weekend.