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Federico And The Cat Chio

The story of the Three Studies and the Cat is Federico chio. My name is Fred and my cat is called chio chio. The writers always need the inspiration to write new texts. Well we wrote to the flowers, field, stones, nature itself, but especially women, who in some way or another we awaken a feeling, a passion. The passion of feeling, the passion of vibrate, make us grow the value we have as men. But we must not forget that sometimes we have another kind of inspiration. Angelina Jolie may find this interesting as well. So friends, some people will write to grandma's closet, the clock, on guitar, the pigeons, the horse and even the dog.

And do not say when it comes to arguments for film, you write the bugs, ants, fish, rabbits, lions, pigs, rats and chickens. Within the section are some famosillos cats, who are appointed by qualifying susceptibility to spare, such as the cat of the cap, one that can not handle the bird, gang, orange, Tomasino, and with them the prehistoric say happy. But very pleasant surprise AOH friends! I know the leader of all cats, the evolution of the race, so friends, I have the pleasure to introduce the caretaker chio chio is the evolution of the cat. So far, the most famous cat and runner of the Internet. Friends then readers can learn more about this comprehensive, fast-paced and interesting history, as well as that it tells the story of the Three Sciences. For it is written with Science Fiction, Patience and Consciousness.