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Skin Hair Structure

Every woman, regardless of age tends to make good vyglyadet.Ona trying many different means to care for kozhey.No can not always get positive rezultat.Kak rule, the skin of face and hands are most in need of care, these body parts are aging much faster if they are not uhazhivat.Ya tell you how you can achieve positive results with cosmetic oils that are suitable for all absolutely women of all ages. The oils are chosen accordingly to the type of kozhi.Itak, Apricot oil, slows the aging process, improves elasticity, is indispensable in case of lack of nutrients substances, adverse environmental factors, also good for strengthening hair and nails. Avocado oil to care for particularly dry and aging skin, has natural sunscreen properties, deeply penetrates the skin, improves the hair structure. Grape oil for the care of problem areas, which tend to reduce the elasticity, moisturizes and refreshes the weary and fading skin, has a smoothing action, tightens pores, eliminates inflammation. Jojoba oil to the care of sensitive, easily irritated, skin, retains moisture, softens kozhu.Primenyaetsya hair care, nail and skin of the hands. Wheat germ oil helps to heal skin after burns and inflammation, helps to reduce the birth of stretch marks, scars.

Sesame oil, softening, moisturizing, nourishing the skin, reduces flaking and irritation, restores the protective function effectively for the care of delicate skin around the eyes. Hazelnut oil, skin care and lip around the eyes, suitable for oily, combination skin and skin with acne, purifies skin, tightens pores, calms after tanning. Macadamia oil for everyday skin care and body, can be used for dry and damaged hair, nourishes and moisturizes, leaving it beautiful and healthy. Peach oil for massage and ezhednevnogog facial skin care and body of any kind, making the skin velvety, used to cleanse and intensive care for dry and aging skin of face and neck, the mask protects the skin from wrinkling and helps to restore elasticity. Method of application is quite simple, apply a small amount on the face, hands and nogtey.Obychno is done at night to sleep over it absorbed. Cosmetic oils can be to buy in the drugstore, at a fairly low price.