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Easter Egg

Most of us grow up surrounded by symbols and traditions that we follow and respect unconditionally. Now that Easter is approaching, stores and supermarkets we invade with the famous Easter eggs. Apart from enjoying the delicious chocolate that is used to manufacture them, have you ever wondered what is the origin and meaning of this symbol? Since the beginning of mankind, the eggs of birds meant the continuation of life, fertility, and rebirth. In Egyptian mythology, the egg acquired importance when the Phoenix burned in their nest and was reborn later from eggs that had been created in the beginning. Also, Hindus claimed that the world was born from an egg. In antiquity, Easter eggs were made of chicken and duck. In the middle ages, people began to give them to children in the celebrations, and at the time, Christians began to give eggs during Easter.

Finally, at the beginning of the 19th century, in Germany, Italy and France, appeared the first eggs made of chocolate and containing small gifts inside. Decoration always was very important in Easter eggs and varying with the passage of time. Cultures first hand painted eggs with bright colors representing the Sun. Currently, the pastrycooks bet to your imagination and design original and colorful decorations. In English, Easter egg says Easter egg and represents the same meaning as for the Spanish-speaking.

The Floor Moved

The floor moved and death, we visited that floor did not move as always moves the floor, it is that this as if it were enraged term with life, ended with hope and ended with dreams. Yo me lance under the bed thinking that it was coming the world about me, listening to cries and glass breaking, in the darkest Symphony of the anguish of a country invaded by a catastrophe. Moved the floor and those minutes not souvenir sunk by the darkness of the darkness of my most painful thoughts under a bed waiting to be crushed, by the anguish of the anguish of my being more collected Recalling my life in camera fast, slow and by the fear of the fear of not knowing anything more than me and hoped that all would be well. Moved the floor and I feel lucky after all, on a floor thirteen remembered that death is everywhere and that life at about 3: 30 in the morning when you think more that it disappears is more present. I dressed as I could, passing on what was lying on the floor without understanding the real magnitude of what has happened and only with the blessed phone light reaches the door, which was locked and asking for help to one of those heroes incognitos left as well as the belly of your mother cheered but impacted sales. I understood that emergency light, the plains of despair and bumps of other locked doors opened also to me the way to be a hero incognito and come to the aid of others. Moved the floor and is not the first time the floor moves in my beloved country, is it that my country suffers by the ruthless hand of all?, is it that my country is really infuriated by those who do not respect the Earth?, is that within the destination of a chile looked far away, is the mismima force of the Chilean out to front as the world stares as all the end us derrumbamos? Blessed are all those who are no longer and lost their lives, thanks to all those who sympathized with Chile. As the days pass and you replicas yet they remain and as well as the plates, a whole country treats accommodate once more to the circumstances that it puts the destination, many in the world call for clemency and forgiveness to a planet. Original author and source of the article