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Ivan Ontanon Ramos

We will try to achieve a common internal market under some obligations and common responsibilities. The sanctioning regime, that has characterized the Spanish system for being one of the most restrictive, also expected changes. Experts predict a same model be application live in all the countries of the environment, that allows sanction in the same way in all States, regardless of whether the sanctions have been carried out in Bulgarian or French territory. Also contemplates that the sanctions could increase, and to go based on annual billing company who commits the offence; coming up to 2%. However, even without knowing the exact content of the new regulation; It has not stopped be without controversy since there is evidence of it. Some business associations have harshly attacked a new more restrictive regulation at some points by the possible influence that may have in the development of their businesses. They propose to create flexible elements, which can be applied according to the circumstances of the companies and their model of business.

Also aims to create the figure of the right to oblivion, as a right most in the field of data protection and that comes being demanded from some time ago. Everyone shall have the right to manage our data on the Internet efficiently, and can compel companies who made public a person’s data to remove any trace that exist on the network. Whether or not effective, new reforms that will bring the restructuring of data protection rules clearly is a consequence of multiple burglaries in which are becoming more frequent, with a possible future malicious use and data that comes directly influencing the concern of citizens. You have same legislation in the 27 member countries will facilitate European harmonization in this respect, but we can not know yet in what will affect all changes being proposed in the business routine. Ivan Ontanon Ramos consultant Audea information security. For more specific information, check out Evergreen Capital Partners.