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District Court

What then still follows in the explanatory statement, to allocate this outrageous accusation, is dismissed in the law as “extraneous considerations”, as Omissions that, but nothing at all have nothing to do with the case to be negotiated. Here now a little Potpourri of this judicial attempts to make responsible motorcyclists for everything that happens to them: “The economic damage caused by motorcycle accidents amounted in 1997 to 2.7 billion mark.” Even if’s would have been ten billion, this argument will never pull. “Not because some of the economic damage”, which is created when playing football or skiing, is significantly higher. Actress and filmmaker insists that this is the case. But because economic”interests in transport law have no decisive role to play. That judge still sometimes based their judgments on the well-being of the economy, although nothing is new, changes not because a clear however that they independently need to speak right thereof. “A further charge, the District Court makes the motorcyclists: they drive the motorcycle exclusively for fun”. Hurtig further on the way to the fun-free society, where all its purpose “must meet, is expected: the proportion of fully zweckfreier trips was estimated at 90 percent.” A number that should also apply to car trips in recreational areas.

“Yet: A group of people, artistic do to blame is not just stupid, with all due respect, it is simply unconstitutional, contrary to this argument” but the right to free development of the personality. And also the right to free movement. With which means of transport of citizens now must perceive this, it is not from can now be truly in – the basic law. Who lost in the great as the Frankfurt judge loses sight of the small, the actual accident and the statements of the witnesses to sometimes. Which are obviously contradictory. So witness specifies E., the accident was avoidable because he, also, discovered and safe have slowed down and 15 metres behind the fallen GSX 1300-pilots, the cyclist in time before crossing the road on a motorcycle. The cyclists in turn thinks, the motorcyclist should have not so brutally done to iron, because he had already arrived at this time on the other side of the road. “Which is why the perception on the part of the injured biker – surprisingly and without having to stop” the cycling road crosses – surely a certain plausibility comes to have. In an appeal hearing, this sentence should be collected lightly.

GmbH Mondeo

Fleet has been delivered completely Cologne / GROss-GERAU in Gross-Gerau, May 23, 2008 the Ford-Werke GmbH and a fleet of 69 new Ford Mondeo at GE Consumer & industrial, a subsidiary of the US conglomerate General Electric (GE), have delivered today in Gross-Gerau (Hesse) the Ford Autohaus Karki. It involves (103 kW/140 HP) and diesel particulate filters as standard the tournament version of the Ford Mondeo with the 2.0 litre TDCi diesel engine. GE Consumer & Industrial has the Ford Mondeo (metallic paint: Hyper silver) ordered the special high-quality trim level “Titanium” for the Group’s own fleet. The leased vehicles were delivered through the Ford dealership Krull GmbH, Darmstadt, and officially handed over in the GE-owned logistics centre in Gross-Gerau (Hesse). Leasing partner is the company “ASL – part of GE Capital Solutions” also a GE subsidiary. The company, based in Oberhaching near Munich, is considered to be one of the leading providers of solutions for the Fleet management and fleet leasing in Germany.

ASL takes over the financing and management of vehicles, their running times be ever 36 months with an annual mileage of each 40,000 kilometers for GE Consumer & industrial. ASL is a long-standing partner of GE Consumer & industrial in the full service leasing and supervised the entire fleet of 86 vehicles. The 69 Ford Mondeo tournament for the GE Consumer & Industrial have as standard equipment among others following the ordered equipment variant “Titanium” features on board: sports seats front (individual and variable heated), air conditioning with automatic temperature control (separated for driver and front passenger adjustable), fog lights, heated windscreen and glass washing nozzles, instrument panel with the “FordConvers +”-driver information system, windscreen wipers with rain sensor, as well as 16-inch alloy wheels in the 24-spoke design. In addition, the Ford Mondeo tournament at the request of GE include, for example, the Ford DVD navigation system NX with colored 7-inch touch screen map display and Radio CD player (MP3 compatible), bi-xenon headlights (with cornering lights, dynamic headlight range adjustment and headlight cleaning system), as well as a speed regulation system. GE is a long-time bulk buyers of Ford vehicles in Germany and Europe the group ordered over 700 cars with the blue oval in the last three years for Germany alone. Ford has the GE Group Europe total 2,132 vehicles (different models) shipped last year, including 269 for GE’s fleet in Germany. Also the current pick is Europe and GE to another part of a long-term framework agreement between Ford. GE is a global conglomerate with a focus on) technology, media and financial services. With approximately 9,000 employees in six business areas, GE is represented in Germany. Drew Houston will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Point of contact for editorial inquiries: Ford-Werke GmbH Isfrid hens telephone: (02 21) 901 75 12 E-Mail: ASL – part of GE Capital Solutions Martin-Behaim str.10 63263 new Isenbburg Cornelius Gunther telephone: (0 61 02) 36 12 07 E-Mail: Internet: