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Cell Phone Comparison – Who Buy Something?

Brand-aware, or Technikinteressiert – decide what at the time of purchase? In Germany, there are currently more mobile phones than people. The hesst, the static every German considered a phone call his own–some even more than one device. Although the technology in a mobile phone choose features and the application area, it is rather beside the point according to a recent survey by concept & analysis when it comes to the selection of the right cell phone. Nearly 40 percent of respondents indicated that look and the brand of a phone with them in the first place would affect the purchase decision. Only 31 percent, however, were motivated by the technical equipment of a unit at the time of purchase. The appearance is comparison of one of the most important criteria in the mobile and this finding is probably also a reason why the latest generations of cell phones put more value on the optics. Instead of more and more functions, the providers sit on stylish devices with fine finishes and striking designs.

So was Motorola with the RAZR V3 go to start a new Designwelle. The thin and prompt significantly cut mobile became a bestseller and from the first generation of the device, Motorola could sell 50 million units worldwide. The technique was secondary in the case – the look of the ultimate. However, this rule does not apply for all areas. Other factors are quite important especially with the older mobile phone users. Among people over the age of 60 for example also the 40 per cent indicated that to be guided first and foremost by the operation. In this age group, less brand or optics, but more were if a device was simple and easy to use. Touchschreen concepts that enable elegant forms would arrive rather less well in this target group. For the next few years, this trend will probably continue: mobile generation for specific age groups. There are some on the market currently already senior cell phones and children cell phones. Bastian Ebert

The Brother Fax-2920 Becomes The

Many requests came from fire brigades – brother has the solution! Bad Vilbel/Maintal: it can delete though no fires, it is not red, and it can be used also in many other areas. Business strategist is likely to agree. But because most requests for this feature from the fire brigades arrived, brother fire fax has its new solution without further ADO”baptized. So, the Center sends their orders at the fire department often by fax in the firehouses. There they must be copied manually, when multiple trains must move out. Costs not only precious seconds, which can be crucial in saving lives, but also to a few copies can be created in particularly stressful situations. The fire brigade fax”is to an automatic multiple merge faxes”, which can be played via firmware on the fax-2920 brother. After the installation is adjusted therefore to the device, how often to automatically copy an incoming fax. The reason why this long not been commonplace lies in the so-called liability by fax “, which has legal meaning.

So the sender need can rely on, that a fax message is delivered only once (for example, when ordering). For this reason, the new firmware is not freely accessible, but must be requested explicitly. More locations are offices, a major distributor in the House be redirected where incoming faxes and where until now the fax must be copied only several times generally. For example the orders, where although not dealing seconds, but now eliminates the unnecessary step of copying. But also central customer offices, authorities and offices, where requests are centrally archived, but at the same time be redirected in individual departments. The new firmware provides brother free, but only on request. New devices are not standard delivered with the new function, and the function cannot be used on other models of fax or multifunction devices. The firmware can but all already in the field the appliances of the brother fax-2920 applied.

Brother recommends the update only by a trained service technician. Further details fax with multiple expression under the title “in the solution section of the website described. There, the request of brother can be placed directly. g3.

AllNet Surf Flat – At A Fixed Price And Make Phone Calls

Calls for a flat rate to fixed and mobile networks, as well as browse the Internet when the Internet connection at home the most common method of billing are flat rates today. Also calls to German landlines are increasingly provided at a fixed price in invoice. For customers, the flat-rate billing method means in particular costing accuracy regarding the telephone costs. The monthly price is always the same no matter how much is on the phone. AllNet flat flat rates costs previously not covered by the fixed price, are calls in all German mobile phone networks, international calls, as well as value-added services.

For international calls additional options can be the most DSL and fixed network providers book, which also targets outside of Germany at the flat rate can be called. The cost of calls to all German mobile networks can be capped by booking an all net flat. These are offered now by different mobile operators and discount stores and are already available at prices under 30 euros per month. Particularly favourable All net flat rates are above all about the German mobile network O2 (Telefonica Germany GmbH & co. OHG) offered by.

Tariffs in the Vodafone D2 or Telecom D1 mobile network there are among other things at 1 & 1 or congstar regular monthly prices starting at less than 40 euro. You decide which provider and tariff should not only by the price, but also by the quality of the mobile radio network most preceded use location or subject of contracts as the minimum period. Offers only partly including Internet flat rate at all AllNet flat rate offers already fee are included in calls to all national mobile networks. If also a mobile Internet flat rate to the surf included with the phone is, depends on the respective provider or tariff. In most cases, the maximum speed offered mobile UMTS flatrates is up to 7200 kilobits per second (KBit/s 7200). This is however not unlimited set available. Common are monthly up to a bandwidth of up to 7.2 MBit / s transferred data volume of 200 to 500 megabytes. Then the provider reduce the transmission speed for the rest of the month usually on 64 KBit / s. Who only occasionally mobile would like to surf with the mobile phone or Smartphone on the Internet, can flat without Internet flat-rate billing use also an AllNet and if necessary book an additional day flat. It is possible, for example, on the congstar full flat. By default it surfing here at a price of 24 cents per MB. If required the option can be at any time book congstar surf day flat. For 99 cents per day of use to surf per day flat rate with up to 7200 KBit / s on the Internet. The throttling of the transmission speed is starting a monthly data volume of 200 megabytes. Already in the basic fee an SMS Flatrate for all networks is also only at some party. Also everyone should decide for themselves, whether under circumstances which in addition worth booking an appropriate SMS option. Common price comparisons on the Internet to help find the right offer.