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Paris is one of those mythical cities that everyone wants to know at some point in his life. In fact, the single city takes half of total tourism in France. Traveling, learning about other cultures and customs allow expanding mental horizons, and undoubtedly gives a personal experience which we will define and us will change as people. Paris is one of the preferred tourist destinations in the world. The second largest capital of Europe, with almost 12 million inhabitants, if we count the metropolitan area, often escapes of being visited by the high costs involved in such excursion possibilities. However, this is one of those occasions where technology is shown as a true ally time to economize costs. HotelesNow.com helps you find cheap hotel in Paris for your greater satisfaction and so can finally see made their hopes of traveling to the city of lights. The city of Paris has more than 11 centuries of history.

Founded in a property of the Capetians, the original property was much more extensive than the current limits of Paris. In 1798 the French Revolution, just taking the streets of this city as epicenter is happening. This event would change the political face of the planet forever, and is one of the many historical events that took place in Paris which have impacted on the social order of the world. During the revolution, Paris was divided into three communes, order that lasted until 1965, when 8 communes were created to replace the aforementioned three. In 1945 he suffered constant flogging of the bombings of the second world war, and the city had to be practically rebuilt.

Fortunately the main icons of the city remained intact: the Eiffel Tower, the Cathedral of Notre Dame, the Louvre Museum, the Church of the Madeleine, the Arc de Triomphe. For this reason, Paris is a city where the most advanced technologically coexists with a past that still live in the memory of the French. Fortunately, there is now a booking engine that allows to perform the booking online the cheapest hotels in Paris, and in almost any City in the world: HotelesNow.com. With just a couple of clicks is possible access to the most comprehensive list of accommodation available in the city and dates selected, organized by price, and with all the information to make smarter choices.

The Guarantee

Well, losing the warranty and executed the guarantee, the guarantor will not be able, once paid, subrogated in the position of the creditor with guarantee and require that your credit is qualified as privileged on the occasion of such pledge. I.e. payment of the guarantee and the subrogation of the guarantor in place of the previous creditor under any circumstances may lead to a better credit rating (with consequent damage to the rest of the creditors of the contest). 2 Assumption that, executed the guarantee, the guarantor will only satisfy partially credit laid down in article 87.7 of the LC that at the request of the creditor that had become part of your credit from a guarantor, surety or solidary debtor of the bankrupt, may include in its favor in the list of creditors the rest of your credit not satisfied as all of thatby repayment or solidarity fee, corresponding to who had made partial payment. This standard establishes, for the phase of recognition of credits, the general principle according to which the right of the creditor with collateral to recover for the rest of the credit not satisfied is preferential to which holds the guarantor who has made a partial payment against the same debtor. The preference is obvious: allow the guarantor – holder of the right of return – concur in equality in the competition regime with the primitive creditor, this runs the risk of preterido seen in their expectations for the recovery of the rest of the credit against him, with the result that the creditor who entered into the guarantee is finally who support the risk of insolvency of the bankrupt. Hence, according to this provision (article 87.7 of the LC), the primitive creditor has the possibility of recovering the rest of your credit not satisfied with charge to the payment of the credit which corresponds to the guarantor in the contest. . For more specific information, check out Evergreen Capital Partners.