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PNG Office

The American specialist for data recovery software helps in the repair of defective Office files Recoveronix with its online service of OfficeRecovery online. Mountain view, California, June 13, 2012. Word processing, spreadsheet and presentation programs are for PC and Mac users at home in continuous use. While the Office suite from Microsoft or the free open-source version of OpenOffice is widespread. Whether Theses studies, photo presentations for family celebrations or carefully guided tables with monthly household expenditure in many Office files is a lot of time, effort and creativity. Error messages occur when such files at once and they can no longer open, this means the loss of valuable data for the user in the worst case. Unique ideas or elaborate calculations that can be hard to reconstruct, would be at once so lost. Often such damaged data but you can still save? The American specialist helps in the repair of defective Office files for data recovery software Recoveronix with its online service of OfficeRecovery online.

The repair work cloud based on the Internet and the Web browser. The installation of additional software on the local computer is completely eliminated. PC and Mac users upload their corrupted file quickly and easily on the Internet platform on a dedicated server. After a few seconds, the repaired file is then already, because these will be already reviewed during the upload process. The data recovery service OfficeRecovery online supports a total of 39 common file types for PC and Mac. This is not only Office files such as from Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.

Also access databases, ZIP archives and PDF files can be repaired. In addition, photo files with the graphics formats JPEG, GIF, TIF, BMP, PNG and RAW can be restored. A repair from Lotus Notes and Microsoft Outlook/Exchange E-Mail archive files is also possible. Recoveronix provides as a Microsoft Certified Partner”his Software quality-certified users.

Brunswick Internet

Cross over point Internet Agency from Brunswick acquires Internet consulting by world4promoter.de Cross Over Point from Brunswick online and Internet Agency, assumes the online marketing and Internet consulting for the promotion job agency portal world4promoter.de in the future. world4promoter.de sees itself as an intermediary between the promotion of jobs and the promotion of job prospects. For both sides, the benefits will be more specifically transported and provides tangible. In the framework of cooperation establish an optimal online marketing concept consisting of from onsite optimization and usability and search engine optimization and range optimisation and successfully implemented by the Brunswick agency Cross Over Point. The Brunswick Internet agency advocates further strengthened (SEO search engine optimization) in their work world4promoter.de on the primary core of online marketing tools such as search engine marketing and search engine optimization. Although other online marketing instruments are used. Cross over point is responsible for the planning and control of performance marketing and Web-controlling. The job of promotion and promotion agency portal world4promoter.de is a new concept for job – and in addition to job.

It is characterized by a simple registration and search functions. The user groups of the promotion Portal are job provider, as well as the job-seekers at the same time. world4promoter.de provides promotion and hours duck jobs and constantly has offers and providers in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. Particularly interesting is the portal for businesses and entrepreneurs. Companies can cost-effectively adjust your requests to staff and build an own pool of employees that will be adapted to manage the profile and updated.