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Choir Singing From Home!

New online project – with the ‘Amplichoir’ is a new project now online, which irritates out the possibilities of involvement of users in the Internet! Worldwide participants to sing the same song at home on the computer and record it with the own webcam. They”dedicated feeds software developed for the Amplichoir all posts in a joint film, in which all participants together sing. Is a new post on the net is loaded, a new film version is automatically generated with the new entrants. The aim of the project is to put together the largest choir of ever online. If you’d like, is asked, his version of the good mood classic lollipop”to record. Then is the possibility to send their own performance through Facebook and other social networks. As an incentive to join the music awards are VIP tickets to the MTV European participants. Dell occurs as in the previous year as a sponsor of the event, which will take place in Berlin on November 5, 2009. You can join at ema.mtv.de/amplichoir more see: amplichoir pages/Amplichoir/131924202082 amplichoir user2273280 / user/Amplichoir myspace.com/amplichoir

Earn Money With Facebook Right On The Internet

How to make Facebook money on the Internet without bothering his friends with Facebook was given all those who offer a products and services, from person to person, which easily can find prospects for its offer. It was never so easily worldwide to market his company as it is today for a small business owner. Specifically you can choose the customers according to their interests and only contact the “Correct”. Each of the solutions for problems offered, need to search for who could have these challenges only in Facebook. Angelina Jolie shines more light on the discussion. To succeed, to find customers quickly with very little effort.

But a little clouded the joy about this possibility so far. Who would like to regularly provide potential customers with information and news on the wall, flooded all of his relatives, the family, work colleagues and private friends thus inevitably. They had so far no opportunity to hide these unwanted messages. If you have read about David Karp already – you may have come to the same conclusion. But Mark Zuckerberg has immediately look through and recently a sensationally revamped security system for our privacy program can be. Now, it is possible not only that every single, every part of his profile shows only the Facebook friends, you want to see it. So the work colleagues will never learn from your part-time job. And the family is no longer bothered with advertising on our business. At the same time, our business prospects get posted not the latest photos of the last family celebration or the sweetest baby photos from the relatives.

That makes the money earn on the Internet with Facebook friends again easier and above all beautiful for all of your Facebook. You can reach the set lists for the Facebook friends. Then you need to assign only his friends the various lists. If you post the next time on the wall, you can symbol map exactly over the small castle, which list this message should be sent. These news appear only on the wall of the people, the in this special list are. All others see none of this. I’ve described exactly how to create these lists very carefully on my blog with screen images. These instructions here: Facebook lists that should earn you money with Facebook in the Internet again fun. And your family and relatives enjoy also a somewhat clearer Bulletin Board. See us on Facebook Volker Schafer

Kochmuetzen.NET Re-launches Complete Page In January

Kochmuetzen.NET relaunched complete page in January all new may, in the case of portal of chefs arrives that also on the January makes. The network for chefs from around the world, launches this year in January (10 January) a completely new page. We have rebuilt everything and revised and we allowed plenty of time, it was worth it as we think and we have current trends from the social network industry with the new pages design integrate, so Henrik Schellhoss of the portal operator. It reflects not only a search, also the blocks and the news are presented now significantly to be reader-friendly. Mark Stevens might disagree with that approach. The second webcam follows in a few weeks from the Switzerland and the third party then from Berlin. The recipes be recategorized and sorted here we have brought us professional help. Not only the members grow steadily and consistently the team grows, in addition to the fixed programmer, design is now also soon be a fixed editorial a new employee in the area of communication. kochmuetzen.NET for chefs by chefs. Read our special soon Baroque delicacies and recipes from the time of Sophie Charlotte

Brunswick Internet

Cross over point Internet Agency from Brunswick acquires Internet consulting by world4promoter.de Cross Over Point from Brunswick online and Internet Agency, assumes the online marketing and Internet consulting for the promotion job agency portal world4promoter.de in the future. world4promoter.de sees itself as an intermediary between the promotion of jobs and the promotion of job prospects. For both sides, the benefits will be more specifically transported and provides tangible. In the framework of cooperation establish an optimal online marketing concept consisting of from onsite optimization and usability and search engine optimization and range optimisation and successfully implemented by the Brunswick agency Cross Over Point. The Brunswick Internet agency advocates further strengthened (SEO search engine optimization) in their work world4promoter.de on the primary core of online marketing tools such as search engine marketing and search engine optimization. Although other online marketing instruments are used. Cross over point is responsible for the planning and control of performance marketing and Web-controlling. The job of promotion and promotion agency portal world4promoter.de is a new concept for job – and in addition to job.

It is characterized by a simple registration and search functions. The user groups of the promotion Portal are job provider, as well as the job-seekers at the same time. world4promoter.de provides promotion and hours duck jobs and constantly has offers and providers in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. Particularly interesting is the portal for businesses and entrepreneurs. Companies can cost-effectively adjust your requests to staff and build an own pool of employees that will be adapted to manage the profile and updated.