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The Truck

They have reduced energy consumption, high durability, power and security. In addition, the automatic braking expelled spontaneously roll back the machine as a horizontal or inclined at poverhnosti.Spetsialnye trebovaniyPogruzchiki used to in harsh and extreme conditions of high or low temperatures or high humidity, for example, in the holds of ships or in refrigerated warehouses or in steel mills, but reliable engine should provide a high level of protection against corrosion, dust and extreme temperatures. For work in hazardous locations requires special explosion-proof forklifts that are being offered next proizvoditeley.Vysota gruzVybor lifting of a model truck is also due to parameters such as lift height. The standard loader can lift loads to a height of 3 m. Thus, it can store loads on the third tier shelving. Trucks fitted with three-section mast, capable of lifting cargo to even greater heights. For work in confined spaces, such as cargo containers or rail cars, the truck must be equipped with a function to free movement, that is, without lifting Lifting gruzopodemnika.Pomimo main characteristics when choosing a truck to be taken into account such parameters as the type of forklift (except fork loader can be equipped with interchangeable attachments, such as grip for drums), type of transmission (hydrostatic, hydrodynamic, mechanical), brakes, tires (pneumatic, solid, bandage) and its overall size, fork length, and others. If you choose a forklift for heavy work, you should pay attention to such characteristics of the speed of raising and lowering, and maneuverability t.d.Marshrut transportation, and as the state of the surface on which the work truck, will also directly affect its performance.