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Product Protein

As the great majority already knows, for other research, the hidrolisado colageno is a type of protein. One of the main functions is to form staple fibres that support the skin for who patrica regurlamente exercises and also it contributes for the formation of the muscles. Removed of the bone and the cartilage of the ox, the hidrolisado colgeno is obtained through the hydrolysis process that breaks molecules of the protein thus more easily to be absorbed by the organism. The hidrolisado colageno, known for many as a type of gelatin, contains essential amino acids as the glicina and bigger prolina in concentrations twenty times of what other joined proteins. The two are component very important of the fabric conjunctive and assure its consistency and elasticity for a pretty and healthful skin.

It brings, beyond very other benefits, a regenerative effect in bones and joints. Its cosmetic application is what it so made the colageno to be looked for by the Brazilian women. The hidrolisado colgeno it is as a magical protein. It definitively makes the skin to be firmer. Dermatologists have proven, studies behind studies, for great laboratories, that using beauty products that they take the colageno in its formula, the results are: skin is softer, firmer and healthful. The composition also helps to keep tnus muscular, leaving the skin more durinha and preventing the so undesirable flcidez.

Pra who the hidrolisado colgeno is indicated? Another question that many people make. Recommended it for people above of 30 years. As a supplement is indicated for people who make many exercises and they want or they need to increase the protein ingestion. It also fortifies nails and hair, and this makes what to much it exactly uses it people for these benefits. Another great benefit of the hidrolisado colageno is for it to help to the cicatrizao and recovery of injuries. One of the symptoms of deficiency of colgeno in the human body is the associate with hair and wires with dehydration. The loss of elasticity of the skin, flacidez and culminating with the appearance of rugas and estrias also is credited by the colageno lack. Moreover, it harms the joints and it weakens the bones. The American agency (FDA) recognizes as the hidrolisado colageno as an nourishing ingredient. Thus also it makes the Health department of Brazil. At this moment some foods in the market enriched with this protein exist and them already they can in such a way be found in many store online as in the cities. Learn more at: TSI International Group. It is sufficiently common to find in store of natural, organic foods or pharmacies the hidrolisado colageno to be vendido, mainly in capsules.

Health Sciences Institute

Center of material and sterilization: Standards architectural and the article processing 2005. Available in: . 10. Eniva MFS, Rubia TM. Difficulties Faced for nurses in surgical center 2006. Available in: 11.

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The collaborators of the scientific community in national and international scope are opened. These instructions are based on ‘ ‘ Uniform Requirements will be Manuscripts Submitted you the Biomedical Journals’ ‘ * (the Vancouver style) elaborated for ‘ ‘ International Committee of Medical Journal Editors’ ‘ (ICMJE). Presentation of the works? The works sent for publication must be unknown, not being allowed its presentation in another periodic in format printed matter or electronic. The works will be submitted the chosen consultants inside of the specialty and they will only be accepted after seeming of the same ones, that they can request modifications. The not accepted works for the Publishing Body will be returned to the authors. The concepts emitted in the works are of exclusive responsibility of the authors, not reflecting the opinion of the Publishing Body. To the Magazine all are reserved the copyrights of the published work, allowing, however, its posterior reproduction as transcription and with the had citation of the source. The date of act of receiving and acceptance of the original will consist, obligatorily, in the end of the same, when of its publication.

Ministry Worker

The teams are located generally, in the basic units of health, the residences and the mobilization of the community, in a hierarquizado and regionalizado system of health. Then, under the responsibility of the agent if they find its spaces of determined works, considering itself that each space contains a peculiar especificidade, and that the worker always is displayed to the factors of determinative risks of each community taken care of for the program. The organization of communities, activities of education still fits to this worker and promotion of the health, beyond the integral and permanent assistance of quality to the users of the health (FERRAZ ET AL, 2009). Ferraz et al (2009, p.21), elucidates that when the worker does not count on a good planning of prevention in the work adding to the innumerable problems of health, over all related to the environment, overload and emotional desmotivao with the work, tensions, problems of genetic familiar order/, imply of indirect form in the mental health of the worker resulting in high index of absenteeism. The necessary man to find capable conditions of providing to it maximum of protection and, at the same time, satisfaction in the work. For the author, the workers need to count on a good environment of work for the full exercise of its functions, in case that contrary, the results will not be entertainers, but they will tend if to transform into plus a problem for the public politics of the Health of the Worker..