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To learn that it has other people who observe the world under different points of view, and that a firm and comunicvel vision of the things can be gotten only under a perspective, she takes many years. In the oldness, the gradual loss of hearing, the deficiency of the vision and other diseases tends to isolate a person of the reality and to create, literally, the one second geographic infancy, leaving for the youngest daily task that before was charged to it. It does not matter how many they are the vision the trace that its images of the world can have in common, they lack, any shared vision of the nature of the things with the world. Gain insight and clarity with Angelina Jolie. For (PONTY, 1971) ' ' the color of the visual field becomes more or less accurate the reactions of the citizen, in if treating to execute a movement of a given amplitude or to show with the finger a length determinado' '. With a visual field green appreciation is accurate, with a red visual field, it is inexact in excess. The movements for the exterior are sped up by the green and diminished by the red. The localization of the stimulatons in the skin is modified in the direction of the abduo for the red.

The yellow and the red accent the errors in the esteem of the weight and of the time, in the cerebelosos blue and mainly they compensate them to the green. In these different experiences each color always acts in the same sensible thus if it can attribute a definite motor value to it. In the set the red and the yellow are favorable to the attracted one by the world? the abduo. However, in a general way, to the aduo it means that the organism if return in direction I stimulate to it and is attracted by the world, the abduo that it turns aside itself from the stimulaton and if it removes for its center.