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Real Estate Market In 2010

During the past year the housing market was malopredskazuem and experts were hesitant to do at least relatively accurate predictions, each of them saw at least two or three options for the development of the situation. Only at the end 2009 appeared the first more or less confident statements about the ensuing stabilization. Making predictions for next year, analysts are not without reservations, but nevertheless promised that at least its first half will be quiet – no sharp jumps and drops in prices for zhile.Mifologiya crisis nervousness caused by the unstable situation in the housing market and economic crisis in the country as a whole, has created among the citizens of two stable myth. Popularity of these myths in contributed significantly to the media, who immediately picked up and spread the news of falling house prices. The first myth was associated with greatly increased the availability of housing. Since the beginning of the crisis expert forecasts agreed on one thing – the price of apartments will be reduced.

The numbers at the same time called the most different: 30 or 40 and even 50 percent. Wait to buy an apartment for half price, of course, like many people – and they left the market to wait for 'bottom'. However, the findings analysts for the year indicate that the market has certainly dipped, but not enough. For example, according to the 'Miel', the average price in the secondary market in Moscow decreased by 17.5 percent in rubles and 24.7 percent in dollars.