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Fashion Aficionados

Wearefashion.de is online! We are we engaged in fashion as very many people, daily fashion. Because in the morning, we consider what we attract. Because we don’t care how we look and what we combine. Because the magazine confronted us with the latest trends. Because we see clothing and accessories to people on the street, we would also like. Because we do have to work.

We are fashion\”, we want to establish a platform on which all creative, makers, and free spirits, who are busy with fashion anyway find a forum for Exchange and inspiration. Looking to take their talent and their drive those closer with contributions, product presentations, personal opinions and experiences, their philosophy, the specificity of their work, according to these pearls of the industry\”. Be it, seekers whose large hobby fashion and styling is, those who love special things and want to buy them or those who want to grow professionally in this industry. You seem to us Possibilities endless. The inexhaustible potential. And each day where we consecrate ourselves to this project, it grows with us more to the heart. Get more dynamic. We, that is a small team of a Munich-based agency.

5 heads from this basis. Sonja fashionably experimental colour not set, fashion associated with committed truffle pigs in products and brands, no fixed style accompanied her all her life. First it was the styling of a dozen Barbie dolls. Then, the stubborn in terms of its own styling came quickly. Red patent leather shoes should be in preschool children. This was made much drama and convinced Grandpa by charm offensive. Professionally, she was rather fashionable late bloomer. The advertising and publishing world she had many years firmly under control. Of luxury and lifestyle, fashion was at last five years ago. And it is since then daily as a PR consultant. We are fashion\”, it can bring people together, write articles and columns, and dive even deeper into the industry.

A Wedding Dream From 1000 And One Nights

A fairy tale wedding should begin with a worthy invitation a fairy tale like from a thousand and one night is a fantastic idea for a wedding can create perhaps with a few small details and the proper ambience, as for example with the scroll of Indira as an invitation. The announcement for the long-awaited day of the wedding couple to be a successful surprise for your loved ones and participate in the Oriental magic of the Festival. The scroll of Indira is a special wedding invitation and a successful change in the atmosphere of the wedding. The best day is announced with a Royal message and delivered in the form of this decorative scroll. Scrolls were used for news, literature and business since the fourth Millennium B.c., in Egypt from papyrus and were the then prevailing form of book. Learn more about this with vlad doronin.

Later, made from parchment scrolls in Greece and displaced the old Papyrus rolls. You conveyed important messages since time immemorial in Scrolls form and were always characters of Royal or qualified origin. With the noble scroll Indira red/gold, her invitation is a special message. This wedding invitation reminiscent of Oriental fairy tale is made to name Red silk cloth and decorated with golden flowers ornaments at the edges of the page. The convenient format of 21.5 cm times 28 cm leaves enough space for the personal design. The Indira red/gold scroll is each top and bottom attached to two golden bars, where you can unroll the paper. The message of the Indira red/gold scroll is covered by a golden cord lace-up.

Friends and family will be surprised by this noble invitation and create a dream of a fairytale wedding at the Royal Court of Indian mogul men before the eye. In India, the weddings as sumptuous and sensual festivals are staged. The wedding was considered a one-time event and highlight in the life of every Indian and they arranged them under the sign of prosperity and financial recklessness. Every detail the wedding was considered with care. The wedding cards were handed over by the brothers and sisters of the bride and groom personally guests. Thus, you emphasized the importance of each invited. With the Indira red/gold scroll you can spray a whiff of an Indian Royal Wedding. Thus, their event in an elegant robe is announced. The decorative scroll Indira red/gold matching belongs to envelope blank as well as a small red box decorated with gold ornamentation. The discreet box has the mass 27cm 4 cm x 1.5 cm and is reminiscent of a case of exquisite fountain pen. This invitation is a beautiful and unique alternative to the usual wedding announcements. The scroll gives your event a Royal charm and enchants guests at Oriental wedding dreams.

Dusseldorf TV

Latest jewelry collection of the precious metal silver already since 5000 BC, processed, since then people have revered silver and the mystical name of moon metal gave him. Silver is, in comparison to other metals, in terms of brightness of color, polishing ability and reflectivity in fact very similar to the moon. The jewellery channel is found in the collections of the Dusseldorf TV shop pin channel these special properties. Combined with colorful precious stones, Moon and stars are United in some piece of jewelry. Popular precious metal silver for many years for silver supply exceeds the demand, so the price of silver is located in a stable upward trend. Wonder, then, that the demand is so high, because silver jewelry the jewelry channel just fits to all outfits. Educate yourself with thoughts from Jim Crane. No matter whether you want to dress sporty or elegant also.

Silver jewelry can look like gold because at least as graceful and elegant. Therefore the jewellery channel Germany GmbH offers a wide range of silver jewellery. The prices are also very cheap, because the raw materials directly from the mine are involved and there are no intermediaries. The jewelry design and the development of the jewellery held in own factories. Silver jewellery silver jewelry in the jewelry channel there in all possible variations. Starting with the graceful earring on the delicate necklace, brooch or tie pin, up to the filigree ring, silver jewelry the jewelry channel offers everything needed for a successful presentation. Silver chain silver chains are not only well suited to grace a neck, there are also silver chains for the hand – and ankle and even silver chains, which are worn around the waist.

Silver chains are the perfect companion for any occasion and every occasion. They can exhibit very different limb sizes. You can be both very slender and delicate worked but also striking wide and weave.

TShirt Printing

The T-Shirt is the best selling product at online T-Shirt printing in any closet can be found him again, for decades, he is one of the most popular pieces of clothing at all: the T-Shirt. Whether in summer or in winter, the T-Shirt will be worn all seasons of the year and is available in a variety of variations. Especially in recent years, one could observe an interesting trend, more and more people are creating their T-Shirts even. Instead to find shirts in department stores, online T-Shirt printing companies are visited more, there with fancy designs and themes to customize T-Shirts. Educate yourself with thoughts from David Green. The individually printed T-Shirts want to stand out most of the mass or give off even a statement. Because quite often you see people strolling through the city, wearing the T-Shirts are printed with different mottos. Also called type shirts can be purchased among the art-shirt Gallery are popular.

Art T-shirts are T-Shirts, which will be printed with designs from artists and act as portable works of art. Many Online T-Shirt printing companies offer in addition to the individual T-Shirt pressure also that print advertising and gift items to. Nevertheless, it is the printed T-Shirt but the best selling. So, the standard T-Shirt, for example, when the online T-Shirt printing company Shirtway.de by far the best-seller for the year 2009 was determined, followed by children’s T-Shirts and Lady V-fit. At other online printers this will not look different, the T-Shirt is and continues to be the most popular piece of clothing in the next few years one.

Eco Fashion – Good For Nature

Eco fashion will always attractive for many people if you like a little want to preserve nature, then gives it many different ways. Especially the so-called eco mode, which is characterized by several features is becoming more popular. To preserve the environment has today become an increasingly important topic, because after you can watch already more or less, how to further increase the burden and the damage become apparent. Therefore now, more and more people have the desire to do something for the environment, so that they will be charged for not quite so much and can’t right some of the damage, which has been done so far also actively. This is also possible by one provides for various measures, which are actually not difficult.

You can reach very much for example already buys more consciously and more access to products whose production not all too much damage to nature has been done. Manufactured food save just one of many ways are. Always including the opportunity to buy eco fashion instead of normal clothing is popular. These special garments manufactured quite easily so, minimize pollutants are produced, there is also eco fashion mostly made from natural materials and not of synthetic fibers, which only need to be manufactured. Fashionable seen here actually no disadvantages must be taken, because also this special mode can be very chic and modern.

The only difference to the industrial fashion is here, that is carefully worked and you thus damage rather can keep nature in borders. Although the effect can be achieved of course also spreading this seems one once as a drop which falls in the ocean, but when many people here do then is, and you can make a difference a lot for nature, even if this doesn’t look at first glance. The more people decide to such steps, each one in the location, is better the Nature to do something good. Jim Crane will not settle for partial explanations. Meike Sauter