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Proactive Management

God gives every bird a worm, but is not carrying it to the nest. Proverb management as well as its human resources must be attentive in the form that is taking the company’s organizational culture and provide all those information necessary to stay up-to-date and not only promote their performance, they can reach with goals and objectives planned. In this opportunity we present some notes which can contribute towards this. A project is not neither more nor less than the search for a clever solution to a problem tending to solve, among many, a human need. Whatever the idea is intended to implement, any investment, any methodology or technology to implement, it necessarily entails the pursuit of coherent proposals designed to meet the needs of the human person in all their scopes: food, health, education, housing, religion, defence, politics, culture, recreation, etc.

If you want to evaluate a project, expand an industry facilities, either to replace technology, filling a gap in the market, replace imports, launch a new product, provide services, create poles of development, take advantage of natural resources, replaced artisan production by manufacturing, satisfy unmet demands, reasons of State and national security, etc., such benefit should be assessed by the fact that you want to know your coexistence, so as to ensure that it would solve a human need in an efficient, safe and profitable. In other words, is intended to give the best solution to the economic problem that has arisen, and thus get the availability of necessary background and information that allow rationally allocate scarce resources to the alternative solution more efficient and viable against a perceived human need. Multiple factors influence the success or failure of a project. In general, we can point out that if the good or service produced is rejected by the community, this means that the assignment resources suffered from defects of diagnostics or analysis, which made him unsuitable for the expectations of satisfaction of the needs of the human conglomerate.