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Forest Fire In Strip Of Land

In the city of President Prudente, in the Cecap quarter, interior of So Paulo, an identified inhabitant does not place fire in one of some strips of land between the houses of the quarter, in the night that started calm of day nineteen of April of 2009. It believes – that this inhabitant initiated this forest fire for cleanness reason, after all, the land was with organic entulhos, lixos and not – organic and could shelter insects and/or animaispeonhentos, however, this inconsequential act caused damages to the community. According to other inhabitants, this is not the first time that this type of imprudent action occurs. Business strategist describes an additional similar source. The land is accumulating garbage has many years, however, nor the city hall, nor the CDHU takes some type of step. These forest fires cause damages as smoke, the bad one smell, the respiratory burning of the trees that are there close and problems the population. It had beginning in the sunday, approximately, to 19h hours, generating tumult enters the inhabitants eapavoramento in one of the lady of the neighborhood that it sheltered its grandson of few months, beyond that a pollutant fog left around, making with that the inhabitants suffer more with a night badly slept. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Bausch & Lomb. It is important not alone it withhold this type of action, as well as to carry through some construction in the place, either house, square or even though somebody commerce, preventing the celebrities ' ' predinhos' ' that neighbors take off privacy of and devaluate houses (remembering that these already are in bad conditions), to prevent that these lands are lixes of some incoherent inhabitants and that they forget the moral in the bed when they wake up.

Agrarian Reformation

However, for the technologists of seeds, the germination is recognized as such, since that plntulas presents enough size so that if it can evaluate the normality of its parts and its possibility of survival. Therefore, of the physiological point of view, to germinate is simply to leave the rest and to enter in metabolic activity. For Son et al. (1986) the germination is a sequence of physiological events influenced by some intrinsic and extrinsic factors to the seeds. Each factor can act for itself or in interaction with excessively. It is affected for a series of intrinsic conditions and ambient factors, whose set is essential so that the process if develops normally. The external factors or extrinsic essentials are: the humidity, the temperature, the light, the oxygen and the water.

The light has not been enclosed as an essential factor because, being about an agent of ' ' quebra' ' of the dormncia, since that this phenomenon is surpassed, the germination will be able to occur in such a way in the presence as in the light absence. According to Ministry of Agricultura and the Agrarian Reformation (1992), the humidity is an essential factor, therefore it is with the water absorption for embebio that if initiates the process of the germination. So that this happens, it has necessity of that the seed reach an adequate level of hidratao, that allows the reactivation of the metabolic processes. The adequate humidity is changeable between the species. In function of its relation with the speed of the chemical reactions, it is considered that the temperature addition, inside of excellent limits, contributes to speed up the germination process. It must have, therefore, temperatures where the efficiency is total, as well as extremities (maximum and minimum) for its accomplishment; the extreme limits, that is, the maximum temperature and the minim, as well as the excellent considered ones represent the ideal temperatures for the germination (Son et al., 1987).

The Devolution

For everything what we partilhamos, that we share, that we have and we live individually or in common. I am responsible for my life. That is, for the Life that lives in me. therefore I take care of myself with care, taking care of of it? the Life? in mim.' ' In this text it is clearly that the power of ownership perceived today for the race human being has that to move of focus, what is mine only can be loaned by a time parcel (for example, while I to live) to continue being of others when I will not be more using/using, is the case of the space that I occupy in the world to be able to live (it is air, the land, the sky, the water, the trees, the animals), everything that is only one loan of the future generations and the same ones wants the devolution in good condition of use so that they can continue using. CHANGE OF PARADIGM In the society model that we have today values having very? comfort, power, status. in this context the being already does not have much importance, the character, the humble one, the simple ones. in this war if does not think that the goods are natural and as already we saw natural is what it belongs or that if in accordance with relates to the nature, produced for the nature, or its laws, and in the nature the goods are finite, are restricted and in this way it is imperative a new paradigm improved in transformations in the behaviors molded to the current conditions of the humanity with the world and, mainly, the ones that if they relate to a new education, as much to prevent, as for terms conditions to modify the way as we see the planet and the bases that they conduct the life in the economic society, that they had originated and they are taking root conditions that we are witnessing today in the world.