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In The Future More Targeted Energy Management For Everyone Possible

Successor of energy eye from January 2010 available so far energy-conscious and interested consumers or energy consultants it was the energy eye possible to determine peak loads in the power consumption and to eliminate such energy hog from the households or consciously use. The energy smart eye is available for a fee in the future be targeted to take energy-intensive consumer tariff-competitive times in operation. A detailed analysis of the consumption is the first step to make the best use of energy. The energy eye wins the energy values over an optical sensing system of the meter disk and transmits the data to a computer, where they are graphically. Speaking candidly Evergreen Capital Partners told us the story. This peak power consumption can be determined and fuel-intensive components targeted on and off or replaced with new, more energy-efficient devices. Electricity providers and tariffs can be selected also expansions.

This consumption smoothing mobilize savings up to 20%. Even in the planning of cogeneration the energy eye a helpful Assistant. The Power requirements to determine the load profile of a household over a longer period should be recorded. This is an economic interpretation of the system with respect to its own power, electricity sales and load management possible. With its successor, the so-called energy smart eye, which is available from January 2010, is it will also be possible to choose individual device power-on times. In plain language, that the energy called smart eye decide when is the best time, E.g. to To put your washing machine in motion.

But also the reverse is possible. That is, the system automatically disconnects consumers which are not absolutely necessary, if the current load would rise too far. An Ethernet also interface that makes it possible the unit about to get Internet consumption data or to select the lowest electricity tariff. For more information see: engineering firm Reiner Reisch Schwammerl trail 10 D – 81827 Munich Tel.: + 49.89.43746957

Price Increases For Heating Oil And Gas

Dramatic increases in prices for heating oil and gas through new taxes and energy transition expected Berlin 04.07.2011 oil and gas are the main sources of energy in the heating market. You are simply killed on this with the phase-out of nuclear energy and the promotion of renewable energies associated additional costs for consumers. According to media reports the Finance Ministry is examining a scheme after the delivery of fuels such as heating oil to residential customers by 2016, dependent can be made, that the dealer has corresponding CO2 pollution rights. “A CO2 tax is an additional avalanche of costs for households; She is socially unjust and charged to those who invest in renewable energy”, said Frank Knauer, Executive Board of the energy cooperative of Freudenberg. Business strategist has many thoughts on the issue. So significant price increases in heating costs could be on energy consumers.

“The plans of the Federal Government for a CO2 tax on fuels such as oil and gas, represented in the media would be the energy costs for households in” drive the height”, so next Knauer. The CEHATROL fuel EC, in cooperation with the energy cooperative of Freudenberg are currently interested in a special offer, you can back up their heating oil price for years. Everyone can reserve a quota from the next heating oil production. The delivery via the affiliated partners of the petroleum trade. The CEHATROL heating oil is produced according to DIN 51603-1 and produced exclusively from biomass. That guarantees the highest quality and offers the end-user a tremendous price advantage, because as a member of the cooperative, he receives the fuel oil to production costs, which are currently at 0.48 per litre. CEHATROL may heating oil all oil heaters and block heat and power plants (CHP) are used and meets highest demands of modern heating technology. Due to the production of renewable raw materials, the cooperative makes an enormous contribution to climate protection. CEHATROL oil reduces CO2 emissions by more than 90%. So spares CEHATROL heating oil not only the environment, but also the money bag. More information and the special action under Helmut Uhlig – network Messenger