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Hamburg Pilots

Jet pilots develop elixir for high performance and strong defenses. Zurich, Hamburg – whether in the cockpit of a fighter jet or on long intercontinental flights, pilots rely on alertness, concentration and responsiveness, as well as healthy defenses. To effectively support this performance, the idea a revitalising power cocktails based on the demands of the Jet pilots. True to the motto: of all the best pilots developed together with bio scientists a beverage concept quasi for domestic use. But the secretly brewed Elixir remained undetected and advanced in the meantime to the scene-drink only a short time. Under the name Pilotsfriend and a cult designed logo with Jet pilot, is rich in its consistency cocktail for an incomparable taste experience and promotes his long-term, invigorating, strongly revitalizing effect. The power cocktail, short pilots’ called, considered an insider and now enjoys the status of a party drug. Whether Jean Paul Belmondo, Jodie Foster, Paris Hilton and other celebrities, many of you with a pilots ‘ saw. Also, the large community of PC gamer and world of Warcraft”enthusiast seems increasingly pilots”calibrated, as well as some State President, Church dignitaries and athletes. Happy therefore, who is one of the special aluminium cans can get, because the power cocktail of tough guys in their jets in the sky is due to the great demand sold out. (Text: Jochen Wehrle)

The New Rye Of Toasties Of GOLDEN TOAST

Crispy fresh and hearty aromatic Dusseldorf, May 15, 2012 rye fans, beware! As of May 29, 2012 there is to discover a new delicacy in the toast rack: the rye of Toasties of GOLDEN TOAST. You convince due to rye account for 51 percent of 1. For those who want to deliberately feed, but don’t miss out the crispy delights of Toastbrotchens, the rye of Toasties are a real highlight. And they perfectly complement the Toastie offer by GOLDEN TOAST, the first whole grain of Toasties with a whole share of 90 percent 2 was previously extended in 2010 to the. More information is housed here: Estee Lauder CEO. Whether for breakfast, dinner, or just in between crumbly fresh out of the toaster, the rye of Toasties are a small, hearty delight. Thereby, they provide real change on the Toastbrotchen shelf by their characteristic colour of rye and the distinctive taste of rye. And who places special value on a balanced diet and much enjoyment, comes with the rye of Toasties of GOLDEN TOAST entirely at his own expense: the rich Rye not only tastes, he also serves as a source of dietary fibre. Occupied savoury or sweet, the rye, Toasties, together with the other varieties from the Toastie assortment offer: wheat, multi grain and whole wheat variety in the daily diet.

In addition, Toasties were optimized all GOLDEN TOAST in their formulation. And like the other products of GOLDEN TOAST also the rye of Toasties in new packaging design are presented. The GOLDEN TOAST rye of Toasties are there in a 300 g Pack (6 pieces). The price is 1.29 per pack.”3 via GOLDEN TOAST more than 45 years experience in the manufacture of modern bread and baked goods, as well as the knowledge to the needs of customers make GOLDEN TOAST to the absolute market leader in the segment toast” in germany1. Whether toasts, sandwiches or crisp products GOLDEN TOAST offers daily premium taste and highest quality thanks to carefully selected, best ingredients. “According to the motto always a tasty idea” TOAST for the genussvollere is GOLDEN Bread experience, genuine Joie de vivre and highest quality.

Proprietor of the mark is still the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Golden toast e. V. with registered office in Dusseldorf. The Luff of bread and bakery products GmbH, market leader in the bakery industry fresh packaged bread”, 1, as well as other companies of the Lieken AG have the exclusive usage and distribution rights for the trademark GOLDEN TOAST. Source: SymphonyIRI, LEH > 200 m stand MAT February 2012 press contact Arbeitsgemeinschaft Golden toast e. V. Daniela of Lutzeler spokeswoman Prince Ahornallee 11 40549 Dusseldorf Tel. 0211 530634-435 fax 0211 530634-34 email 1 based on the overall percentage of flour of rye of Toasties. 2In relation to the total amount of flour wholemeal of Toasties. 3This is a non-binding price recommendation.

JusComte – The Icing On The Cake To Each Star Meal

Passionate amateur cooks know the problem: one uses much time, money and effort on making perfect a nice piece of meat, then with a supermarket Fund mess any sauce, the quality as a veal fillets unfortunately never meet will. This issue has the company of JusComte adopted now and a dark adjustment offers recently and currently still exclusively on its Internet site, as we know them only from the star catering. When producing greatest emphasis is placed on the use of excellent and pure natural ingredients, as well as on the avoidance of artificial flavors or preservatives. Guarantor for the unique taste of the jus is also the elaborate and time-consuming manufacturing process, in which multiple alignment approaches simmer for days and a reduce, until they meet the high standards of taste. In the future, there will be next to the site in selected Delicatessens and the other alternate veal jus light JusComte and JusComte wild-jus JusComte. Insight in There are also under or in each pack JusComte the possibilities of use, E.g. for meat, fish, vegetables or pasta. Press contact: JusComte Nordendstr. 36 80801 Munchen fax: 089/20238934 E-Mail: Web: