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Diamond Discs

Diamond discs do not actually cut.On the contrary, it grinds. They usually have rectangular teeth (segmented) containing crystals of diamonds embedded in the entire segment grinding through very hard materials. There are many methods to secure the diamonds at the base of the saw blade.A common method is the sintering of mixing of diamonds and metal powders are formed on the cutting edges of the blade-. Diamond segments, and produced diamond discs can be called sintered metal bonded diamond. Other methods include electroplating, welding in vacuum, extrusion and so on. Galvanised blade diamond, diamonds are galvanized at the base of the metal sheet.

The thickness of the sheet can be tens of microns and can be used in precise cuts. Welded to the empty diamond blade, synthetic diamond particles are welded to the outer part of the saw blade circular through a welding furnace vacuum.All diamond particles are found in the leading edge of the outer leaf, without mixture of metal/diamond.Depending on the manufacturers recommend application blade, blades welded vacuum cut a variety of materials ranging from concrete to masonry, materials such as stone and brick, steel, different plates, including plastic, tiles, wood and glass. Small grains finer synthetic diamonds will provide a smoother finish, without skipping the tile or steel burrs.Large diamond grains will provide faster cutting speeds, but it is likely that the cause of chipped, Burr or cracking of the material.Fire departments require blades that was made with a large grain of diamond, break through the material fast, while requiring a middle ground for the production industry. Metal-servidumbre sintered diamond blade, a sheet of this type consists of a steel base and diamond segments that are made through the combination of synthetic diamond crystals with powder metal and after sintering among them.The diamond segments are also known as the kerf of the blade teeth. The steel core can vary in design.Some of them have spaces between each segment to provide a cooling and suspension of removal, while others have a unique and continuous edge to make smoother without cutting chips.The type of kernel that can be used depends on the type of materials that the diamond wheel is designed for cutting. In general, there are three types of sintered metal United in accordance with its methods of manufacturing diamond blades: blades of fully sintered diamond, silver welded to the diamonds and with laser welded diamond discs. You can see these types of diamond discs in