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Moscow Architectural Institute

Then the floor was given to most AV Kirgizovu. He spoke about his creativity and the concept of the exhibition. Thanks to the Library staff for organizing the exhibition, the artist admitted that it was an honor to exhibit in the "AF Losev House", which appears to him in this temple wisdom and knowledge. Chairman of the scenic section of the Union of Artists of Russia Vladimir J. Belkin, focusing on the goals and objectives of the picturesque section, introduced the guests, AV Kirgizova as a respected member of the Union, saying kind words about his creativity. According to the head of the sculpture department of the Central Moscow Art Lyceum, sculptor, KL Petrosian, AV Painting Kirgizova reminiscent of Michelangelo, who asserted that the best painting will be one that is most close to the sculpture. At the same time for the head of the studio, the architect AF Chartilidi slime-car AV Kirgizova, apart from their pictorial and compositional qualities, were on heart because of their similarity to the architecture of its future perception, especially as AV Kyrgyzstan – a graduate of the Moscow Architectural Institute. Later on the sidelines of opening day Director Children's Music School.

Gnesin MS Khokhlov put forward the idea of art's relationship with classical music. As can be seen, different representatives of our culture have seen each artist's works in his, thus once again confirming the different areas of commonality of creativity as parts of a whole. AV Pictures Kirgizova are akin to the global space of the Russian plain, where everything and everyone has a place and time. Vernissage was a great success. The exhibition runs until April 15 and did not leave indifferent spectators who visited her. In the newspaper "to the Arbat" was featured on the exhibition, the artist and his distinctive vision of the world, embodied in the graphic sheets, and pictures. EA Tahoe Godi Library History of Russian Philosophy and Culture "AF Losev House" Newsletter Issue 2