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Installation Of A Roof Of Metal

Each of us wants to have a roof over your head. Its functional aspect can not be even discussed: roof protects against moisture and other external influences, and also serves as a decoration of the building. Well and quality produced by installation of a roof, no doubt, will give you a feeling of comfort, security and aesthetic pleasure. Installation of a roof is not easy and is carried out in several stages. To date range roofing materials is quite broad and diverse, willing to please anyone, even the most demanding tastes. But very often the preference is given to metal.

At such a choice is influenced by several factors: relatively low cost materials and ease of installation, what deserves to be told in more detail. Immediately prior to installing the roof needs to know its size. Particular attention should be paid to the slope of the roof – in fact will depend on laying technology. If the slope is less than 14 degrees, the metal is placed into two overlapping waves. The next step is hydro-and steam insulation attic.

This is done to the inside of the metal is not formed condensate. Hydro-and steam insulation is made by placing a special film and insulating material. Next by lathing. To do this, bought wedges (crates) 2.5 x 5 cm thick, which nailed boards () at the corresponding wavelength of metal. In order to protect the bottom bar of the sheathing is nailed weather curtain rail. Crate which carries the curtain strap is usually made thicker than other by 10-15 mm. After installation, you must install the cornice valley and begin laying metal. Steel plates secured by screws with a frequency of 8.6 pieces per square meter. Of course, that completely cover the process of assembling the roof, to learn the subtleties of the skill outright nearly impossible. And if you're interested in installation of a roof of metal, it is better entrust it to professionals.

The Floorboard

To eliminate the defects of the floorboard or bars associated with mechanical injuries, using special mixtures for rubbing scratches or polishing oil (paste). Defects that arise due to poor quality flooring or in violation of its technology styling, more difficult to eliminate or at all 'can not be removed. That is why careful and thoughtful selection of flooring is very important. Successful choice of parquet flooring will eliminate the need for frequent repairs. Depending on the type of Parquet can recommend one or another method of harvesting. Lacquered parquet recommended vacuuming.

Admissible n; rotirat his well-wrung cloth with special neutral detergent. Should not be varnished parquet washed with water and soap. Heavily contaminated sites can be wiped with white spirit (gasoline varnish). Learn more at: Drew Houston. Sometimes you need to protect flooring from moisture during the renovations. In any home, it may happen that the ceiling leaks or depart from the walls of wallpaper. From moisture parquet should cover waterproof material. But you can not turn a blind flooring for more than 5 days. Repair floor hardwood If hardwood floor lost its primordial form, the necessary repairs.

To restore the parquet floor from hardwood to adhere to the following sequence of actions. Preparation of the premises. Remove furniture, paintings, draperies, remove doors, take the contents of the cabinets. Close the door openings with plastic curtains and put it on the threshold of a wet rag to wipe their feet. Unplug all appliances heating and air conditioning. Protect ventilation ducts from dust with plastic bags filled with crumpled newspapers.