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Developing Direction

With the rapid development of science and technology, the market demand for coal concentrator and rotary kiln is in increasing improvement. As the key equipment of ore dressing industry, in order to meet the different requirements of different application area, it has become an irresistible trend for coal concentrator to develop towards the direction of energy saving, environmental protection, more reliable, more accurate and automation. 1. Energy saving and environmental protectionIn recent years, environmental protection became a focused issue for the economic development in our country. With the presentation of the 12th five-year green plan, energy saving and environment protection has become the wind vane for development of all industries.

Only the coal concentrator with high efficiency, low energy consumption and less environmental pollution can win the markets in the future.2. More reliable and more accurateAll the time, how to improve the accuracy is a technological difficulty for the coal concentrator. Only the coal concentrator with more reliable and more accurate work can get better development, which is the requirement of the age. Therefore, how to improve the accuracy of coal concentrator is the priority of research and development for the coal concentrator manufacturing enterprises, which is also the key to determine the future position of coal concentrator in mineral dressing industry.3. Higher automation levelWith the development of science and technology, with the development of our society, automation has become an irresistible trend for all industries. The coal concentrator is not the exception. The automatic control of coal concentrator can effectively improve the accuracy, efficiency and safety work of coal concentrator, and the operator only need to press the button in the operating room, which makes the work of operator control more safety and more convenient.