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Noble Fernando

Will have Justice that it resists while its interpreters if to hold as vulgar fiscal criminals? The future not augura nothing of extraordinary! 3. In a conjuncture of wage containment in the public administration the Portuguese Army increased, of illegal form, its annual expenditure in 8,4 million euros. In such a way, the Portuguese start to contribute more with 2,6 million euros for month for the commanded one of thousand of military who, according to Inspeco-Generality de Finanas, ' ' they had progressed indevidamente' ' in the new scale of remunerations, vigor since January of 2010. However, in Portugal the military are those youngsters, with who sporadical cross in them in the road, to the projection of green camies that never we know very well of where they come nor to where go. Contact information is here: Dropbox. For the visas it is a good job but or they start to make any thing that creates wealth or cannot cost in such a way to a so discredited country.

4. The PSD was yesterday the votes and chose Montenegro Luis again to lead the members of the house of representatives of the party the Assembly of the Republic. In this voting they had been gifts 107 of the 108 elect members of the house of representatives. The lack, by health reason, was given by the new member of the house of representatives Noble Fernando who of this time will not have difficulty in counting on the votes of fast improvements wants of its group of benches colleagues wants of the remaining members of parliament. This will be also the desire of they had supported that it in its shortness, but nothing monotonous, career politics, cliente of that a man who, in less of one year, if made candidate n1 and n2 of the State he will be, at least, an excellent member of the house of representatives! To these examples of magistrates, military, and politicians join many others of absolute managers and relative engineers who concur in the wastefulness of resources not giving accounts for the decency. The areas where we had to find the professionals better formed technique and ticamente continue to leave themselves to populate for malabaristas of the bureaucracy. this species of the elite tripping will have of being moved away so that all, while citizens, let us make the changes that the actualidade imposes and that the future demands.