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Structure SROs

Mixed sro construction combines delegated and voluntary self-regulation. This model suggests that adherence to self-government is equated to comply with the law. As with delegated self-management, self-regulation in a mixed state can participate in developing the content of codes and SROs in construction, in turn, may wish to obtain guarantees for the residual The authority of the state. Thus, in mixed self-regulation of SROs in the building is transferred only part of the functions, while a state is part of the authority, primarily of a coercive nature, the have the authority to prosecute for non-standard. At the same time, the combined control should be voluntary, as a potential participant must decide: to follow him to the law or other developed codes. In case of choosing the second option mentioned regulations have the force of law for the party. As we see, in this case, regulation is not delegated: the mechanism of self-run effect, but if it proves to be ineffective, resorting to the state mechanism of action.

If this sector compete more SROs, the competition may be based on the lowest cost of entry and the State should be actively involved in monitoring the efficiency of cpo. SROs in the construction of the SPHERE-A offers the most competitive prices in St. Petersburg in order to enter into the construction of SROs. Territorial Structure SROs in construction also depends on the model chosen. exposure. In the case of delegated self-regulatory structure of the sro in the construction could coincide with the structure of public authority, including particularly territorial. In the case of voluntary self-regulation framework depends on who is included in the SROs. In this case, territorial or national boundaries are not essential, since the sro construction created to comply with the rules that go beyond the law, including the legislation of one country. In the case of a mixed self-defining value holds public Body approve certain codes and regulations in the power structure: Is this body body of the subject or a public authority (supranational or national).