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Medicine On Credit

Loans to pay for medical services, Russian banks have started providing in 2005. Special Program in Medical loan 'offer a few, mostly to the bank credits the payment for medical services according to standard program of consumer credits. Borrowers who receive loans to health care while too little: the majority of Russians use the services of 'free' medicine (included in the list of services compulsory health insurance). And those who are treated in expensive private clinics, usually can not afford it and do without loans. Some medical services (for example – Beauty) is so expensive that no included in the 'basket' routine medical expenses, but the possibility of 'medical credit' over time will make them more popular. rience with these questions.

Already, a number of banks to offer borrowers quality health services, successfully cooperating with leading therapeutic and diagnostic centers and well-known clinics that perform unique operations. Credit for the medical care available for a period of one to two years, the minimum loan amount – 9 thousand rubles, maximum – 150 thousand rubles at an interest rate of 1,5% per month. Upon receipt of the loan in excess of 90 thousand rubles from the borrower will need to insure their lives and opportunities disability. To receive credit for health care must provide passports or other identity document, an income statement and account for medical care. The decision on granting loan taken during the week (maximum). Banks are very well suited to the assessment of the borrower, but in the case of applying for credit for health care does not require any collateral or guarantees.