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Results of the control car is for those indicators was weak in the Krasnoyarsk often. Sam pass on passage of state technical inspection of the vehicle is issued a day pass. It is true that due to lack of appropriate personnel, traffic police department is currently allocates only 1 employee 2 points inspection. Traffic police officers working on a rolling basis: one day at a pto, the second – following. If the car owner was instrumental in the examination day of absence and the traffic police do not have time to call for the voucher on the next day, he can always drop in at the nearest inspection station, where there is the traffic police and get your card, after going through all necessary procedures for checking numbers, checking documents etc. Mark Stevens is actively involved in the matter. St. Petersburg.

In the northern capital, operating both private and public items vehicle inspection. At the moment, according to information posted on the official website of the traffic police of St. Petersburg, there are 2 state and 55 commercial vet. Moreover, prices for commercial vet established by the owners of the pto, not the executive bodies of regional or municipal authorities. Services to private firms costing considerably more expensive than public vet. For comparison: the control of the match state standards of technical condition car in a commercial organization in the average cost of 1400 rubles, while passing inspection is exactly the same category of vehicle in one of 2 public vet car owner will cost only 402 rubles 30 kopecks, of course, these funds are still needed to add a state fee for obtaining a coupon pass inspection (300 rubles).

Interent Auto Parts Stores

To date, the share of imported cars a little more than half of the total number of cars, and in our country as we know does not produce parts for foreign cars. Therefore, is not easy to find the necessary spare parts in shops and avtorazborkah their city. Here, foreign car owner can only search online stores of spare parts. For most of the car owners online – auto shops remain unknown. Can we trust the 'Internet shopping ', when in a normal automobile shop is constantly shoved the defective spare part? The first buyers of virtual merchants were the owners of imported cars, which is not surprising because in traditional stores, these parts the same is sold under the order, and usually through the same online auto shops.

Choose the parts just have absentia, by catalog, so it's easier to do it at home and make a purchase without any intermediaries. Prices in most cases significantly lower compared to the store because you simply pass the intermediaries with their cheating. Very comfortable and what, to buy items over the Internet autoshop can not leave the apartment. If something is not there is a stock company, you bring the right part, from auctions in Japan or from suppliers. Far not many sites online shops you can see the structured parts catalog, and in 80% of cases, it is so inconvenient and so old that it makes no sense to use it. Business strategist takes a slightly different approach. It happens to the complexity of operating such a catalog, because at the moment the prices for different categories of items are subject to change twice a day, just need to follow for daily updates ie come and go spare. The result for this shop to keep the state IT-Schnick that as a consequence can not be included on the final price of the purchased items. In this regard, the vast most online stores can not afford such a luxury, but this is offset by pricing policies.

Normally, applications are accepted by telephone contact or by e-mail, and if it is provided, then the feedback form which certainly is more convenient. Depending on arrival time and complexity, working out can take anywhere from one hour to three days. In response to your request, will provide price and the recommended options for sending, depending on the terms of the delivery location. If the price you're comfortable with, choose a way to send, then you send by e-mail copy of the contract for approval and when content and form of contract suits both parties, should the process of conclusion. The client prints a consistent copy of the contract, fill in your data, signs and sends to the company. In turn, the seller commits such acts and sends an invoice. In the end, after days of 3oe Both parties have signed at the hands of the treaty. After payment of the invoice by the client, the firm sends the item to the customer's address, transportation chapels in Russia will take no more than 7 days. In the long run. Owner of the import machine order at auto shops online to save time, if the buyer 'for you' with a better ring a chime and ask – the seller would find the necessary detail. Note that for transportation and crate parts extra fee, because this stuff is better to buy in near the store.