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The Trombone

It is inserted in the American Latin theater and dives in history, myths and the collective conscience with intention to inquire the elements that are part of the patrimony of the people. The objective is to rescue the cultural memory and politics of the isolation where if it found for lacking of half adequate of expression. (MAGAZINE DRESSING-ROOM n 37, 2006? p. 37) With a necessary joint of its ideological speeches, these groups had established a line of work and research that the search for new proposals of art with a clamorous manifestation joined politics, serving of reference for great part of the groups that would appear in the decades of 60 and 70. Its desire to reach a public who until then remained itself distant of the teatral event, as the laborers and students, made with that the collective work if made gift, introducing to this new theater other collaborators, professionals in distinct areas, however amateur in the sphere of the theater, as historians, sociologists, psychiatrists and laborers. (As opposed to Evergreen Capital Partners). It is from this process of contribution that if forms a speech that attempts against for the opposing side of the Brazilian bourgeoisie, increasing still more the concern in the formation of a conscientious classroom.

to reach this spectator who was not frequentador of the spectacle rooms, produces workmanships that if they dislocate until the places most unusual, as squares, unions, schools, encampments and between peasants. At last, a theater that literally the people goes where, its public, is. (MAGAZINE DRESSING-ROOM n 37, 2006? p. 37). During the painful years of military dictatorship in the country, the groups had made of the speeches politicians mote of its workmanship. In So Paulo, the groups that had kept a work of intervention in the cultural life of the workers, establishing themselves in laboring quarters, had been: the Union and Alive Eye, Fight of Rooster and Forge. Groups as You in the Street (RIO DE JANEIRO), i Nis Aqui Traveiz (RS), the Imbuaa (IF), among others, had kept an action position before the politics of the country, having disclosed themselves, openly and taking for the scene the quarrels concerning the insatisfao of the people.

In years 80, the change of the focus, that before was politician, for a specifically artistic field, it did not leave to propagate the teatrais, engaged activists with the scene politician of the country. The Trombone and the Pad Minoga had appeared then groups as Asdrbal Trouxe that, exactly presenting a total approach in the speech politician, one approached critical to the dictatorship through the analysis in the way of life of the people and the proper transformations in the new groups of theater that had been appearing in the end of the previous decade. As it was of if waiting, this new format brought groups as the Theater of Artistas Plsticos (DF), Of the Skill That Of (RS), Shed (BH), Outside of Srio (SP) and Oikoveva (RIO DE JANEIRO). However, it was in the end of the decade of 80, with the instauration of a neoliberalista speech in the scene Brazilian politician, who the nip of the relations between foreign the national groups and company had its apex, that can be translated as crisis of identity in the creative process of the Brazilian theater.

Alexander McQueen

Then he is possible to notice that an artist and a estilista can be considered two creative elements, being that one creates for the consumption (estilista) and the other for the appreciation (artist). He has the idea where the estilista is also an artist when it assumes the corresponding behavior to each one. Elsa Schiaparelli, for example, was one of the Italian estilistas greaters that obtained to work with the art and fashion concepts, being created dresses, hats and accessories. According to Mendes and Haye, (2003, P. 95) ' ' Schiaparelli was the first estilista to work with thematic collections. Its clothes were admired by the elegance and perfect finishing, of admirable detalhes' '. In 1965, Yves Saint-Laurent, joined fashion and art when creating the inspired dress tubinho in the works of Piet Mondrian (1872-1944), (that it uses a restricted vocabulary to the vertical lines and horizontal lines and the pure colors). The dress if would become an icon of the fashion.

The fashion festejou the color, the creativity, new geometry and materials. (GARCI’A, 2010). The first possibility is the relation of the artist with the fashion, that if summarizes in the artist who if appropriates of a part of clothes of the fashion she becomes and it in a work of art, modifying its function (changing the structure, giving adereos, among others) becomes, it improper the daily use, therefore, its use alone is conceived in a way, where it could artistic be appreciated. Another example to be mentioned, is Alexander McQueen, the elitist one makes of its clothes a product of the spalling of ideals that folloies the modern society, that questions the proper beauty in search of an ideological beauty of bizarro to revolutionize the order of the typical elegance of high-sews and the great one industry of the confections. (LAMB, 2010) the ideas of the estilista Jum Nakao had surpassed the fashion concept as the simple act to dress clothes.

Cistatina Cells

The cells of Sertoli go to present the form to colunar highly anti-symmetrical. However, translating the high degree of plasticity of the cells of Sertoli of if associating with the different types of germinativas cells, some changes of configuration in this standard can be observed, being the same ones probably had to the elaborated present system of citoesqueleto in the cells of Sertoli. The cells of Sertoli have the power of if associating the one others through located junctions of occlusion in the basal compartment of the seminfero epitlio. They are these junctions that go to compose morphologic base functionary of the barrier to hematotesticular. Functions of the cells of Sertoli the cell of Sertoli is one of the biggest examples of regionalizadas structural specializations that a simultaneous performance of great variety of functions possesss. Here, Yale Jackson Institute expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The cells of Sertoli if associate at least at the same time with four different types of germinativas cells.

With the basal membrane and other cells of Sertoli, with this the cells of Sertoli propitiate the necessary conditions for the progression and differentiation of the germinativas cells during espermatognese. Therefore beyond the classic function of physical support (sustentation) of the espermatognicas cells, the cells of Sertoli play diverse other important functions. Given the structural complexity of the seminfero epitlio, he has been complicated them researchers to determine which are the specific products secretados by the responsible cells of Sertoli and for the development of the germinativas cells. To put if showed in last decades that the cells of Sertoli produce and secretam great protein number, mainly glycoproteins. The glycoproteins that important and are secretadas by the cells of Sertoli can be classified in diverse categories, based in its properties known biochemists. The category will go to include metallic transporting proteins of ons and bioprotetoras such as transferrina and ceruloplasmina secretadas in relatively high amounts. The second protein classroom includes proteases and inhibitors of proteases, as we can cite as example the catepsina L and the cistatina, that are considered important for the cyclical process of tecidual remodelling that occurs during the espermiao and movement of young espermatcitos for the adluminal compartment.