So Take Your Chance On A New Job And A Better Life

The signs are good for the industry. Both the need and the available capital was never higher. The signs are good for the industry. Both the need and the available capital was never higher. Ideal for beginners, who want to take advantage of this career opportunity. n the topic.. The training to the competent and responsible financial advisers takes over the Deutsche Vermogensberatung (DVAG).

This can be done through the modular design part-time, so step by step to understand is the reorientation to a new field of work also without great risk or consistently is planned as an additional second income. No one is to complain about a lack of demand for advice, because as already mentioned, enormous sums of money to private wealth waiting to be created. A sound financial planning according to a sophisticated concept, which offers excellent on top products, is needed and appreciated. Only the private financial assets in Germany has exceeded the sum of EUR 4 billion. Money, which should be applied absolutely well. But the so-called generation of heirs brings momentum into the consulting business. In the next ten years is to be reckoned with around 11 million inheritance cases and a heritage volume of 2.3 trillion euros.

There arises the question whether these heirs all have enjoyed already a qualified investment advice? In addition action is required at almost all Germans, because the statutory health and pension insurance breaks down more and more services. The alternative offers are the trend, but are anything but self-explanatory or easy to understand. In everyday life is emerging now, that closures consulting holes caused by the job losses at the big banks and the associated. And the banks have announced even more job cuts. With these conditions, the future and the income for financial advisers of the Deutsche Vermogensberatung (DVAG) are secured. The market is there. As an independent Must be only active asset managers. Each consultant decides on the amount of income even with his, his performance and his commitment. Have we aroused your interest in the opportunity-rich career advisors? Learn more about the career opportunities at the DVAG can be found on the Internet at. Deutsche Vermogensberatung Aktiengesellschaft Munich Strasse 1 D-60329 Frankfurt am Main Tel.

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