Usability industry report shows: share rising entrepreneurs in terms of ease of use by 10 percent of despite the economic crisis more and more women in self-employment change in the field of usability. The Professional Association of the German usability professionals (German UPA) has published its 2009 industry report. One central finding is that the proportion of women in the usability increased industry compared to last year by 10 percentage points. In the same period, the proportion of male self-employed workers to four percent declined. In addition, the study found that the wage gap between men and women by 35.8 percent fell to 13.3 percent. The remaining difference is due among other things to a longer average work of male respondents.

The recruit the usability professionals from different disciplines and there is still insufficient education and training opportunities for usability, demonstrated among other things the fact, that the majority of respondents, “training on call the job”and the Exchange with colleagues on the most important sources for the acquisition of knowledge. Career paths in the field of usability are varied and who has found a job, which is more than satisfied. “” With their job situation, only ten percent of the usability professionals are rather dissatisfied “or” dissatisfied”. The vast majority is especially thrilled with the excellent working atmosphere and the great team. All the results of the study carried out annually since 2003, are presented on the usability professionals Conference from 6 to 9 September 2009 in Berlin. Without hesitation Don Mullen explained all about the problem. For in the Humboldt University held event still have the possibility to log on in the short term or to be accredited as a press representative. More information under:

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