Scandinavia Example

The traveller who goes abroad and has a desire to save is needed follow following tips: the possibility to save on food, in telephone negotiations, the purchase of different goods. The economy in a power for the economy in the tourist food can purchase square, whose price this all included, i.e. will be supplied by the Swedish Bureau during the whole day. But such journeys, where this system is used there is quite little (except for cruises, spas and hotels club). However, if you do not repay by eating in the cafeteria and restaurants, may, for example, buy store fried chicken or chicken freshly prepared. That’s cheap. Or purchase dry breakfast, for example, snowflakes and pour with milk. This prepared breakfast for Ud! The economy in purchases.

If tourists planning to make purchases abroad, in order to the economy we need take advantage of the tax-free system, having visited the store with this logo. The system Global Refund International offers tourists the possibility to receive back at the time of his return from abroad the sum component of the tax for the goods. In addition, if you will leave for Western Europe, you will need refrain until the arrival in that country, where the relative level of prices is lowest possible. For example, traveling to Scandinavia, needed postponing the purchase of clothes, footwear and other goods before entering Sweden. Also need to buy materials to take pictures and film (the tapes for the cameras) before his departure to the country of travel. Because otherwise you will have to adqurirlos in Europe to the highest price in times that in the country of their residence.

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