Some satisfactions may be temporary. To meet a need, can appear others. That is why we say that human motivation is cyclical to be oriented for different needs (physiological, psychological or social). A behavior is a process of solving problems, satisfaction of needs, whose causes can be generic or specific. The reason is the same reason why, and is generated after the promise of the achievement of an urgent need. In any model of motivation, the initial factor is the reason for acting, the reason, the desire, the inadequately satisfied need. The reasons make the individual look for the realization and initiate the action, initially the grounds can satisfy in many ways. The existence of the same reason immediately determines the final course of the behavior.

Encourage attracts the attention of the individual, he magnetized its response capacity, to promise him rewards and fruits that meet your desires and motives. The degree of satisfaction achieved through the dedicated effort, depends on the enjoyment of the reward and reach the scale of the permanent satisfaction and thereby the achievement orientation. Individual research within their own skills and knowledge to determine if deemed capable of obtaining or not some result, discusses the resources available, and evaluates the environment, looking for a point of reference in others against the subject, therefore depend on the degree of satisfaction regarding the achieved success. Hence the importance of creating a culture of problem solving, for satisfaction of needs, specific human needs change over time, and with each person, an urgent reason today may not be tomorrow. An incentive that can serve at one time, can lose its strength then a stimulus that it resulted in someone, you can not give result in another, why it is necessary to have a Bank of incentives that match other new grounds. These features are related to the experiences and expectations of the people, so we must think in giving an incentive equal to all people, each individual is different.

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