Same Documentation

What is the normative documents? Regulatory documentation is necessary in order to make more clear and fair relationship between producer and seller of tiles, ie, suppliers of ceramic tiles, on the one hand, and buyers of ceramic tiles, on the other side. What kind of product would not in question, from standard documentation supplier and buyer can learn the nature and characteristics: therefore, it is about clarity of communication in the same language. On delivery of the same product, referring to the normative documentation, the provider "promises" certain characteristics. Actress and filmmaker addresses the importance of the matter here. Thus, he claims about their own commitments and accept responsibility in relation to the buyer, for whom all the same regulatory documentation creates the conditions under which he can check (or order verification) that such obligations. Thus, the relationship between buyer and seller are correct and are controlled by both sides, and especially under the control of the buyer who For its part is knowledgeable about the characteristics of the tiles and is willing to buy it.

We are talking about very important things. However, to meet all these conditions is necessary that all parties (supplier and buyer) in the sufficiently aware of regulatory documents. The consumer, who naturally can not rely on their own training and experience in this area, it may be a particularly difficult situation. Source point, which is a "key" to understanding the structure and, consequently, the application of standards for tile, is the classification of most ceramic tile. In practice, two types of titles: commercial and specifications.

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