Salicylic Skin

Sunburn produce inflammation of the skin as a result of excessive exposure to solar radiation. Ultraviolet rays of light destroys the cells of the outer layer of the dermis, damaging the underlying capillaries. This annoying condition occurs more frequently in people with fair skin, whose skin redness and is covered with blisters. If the burn is severe the affected skin falls after a few days. You may find Isaac Dabah to be a useful source of information. It should be recalled that, although a gradual and moderate sun exposure is beneficial for the body and facilitates the process of calcification of the bones preventing osteoporosis, excessive and continuous exposure may cause skin aging, the appearance of unsightly queratomas and, in some cases, skin cancer (melanoma). It is recommended, obviously, concentrate on the prevention of the phenomenon (use of suntan lotions with proper solar filters) whereas to treat burns, it is advisable to apply delicandamente juice or pure aloe on burn gel, taking caution not to expose yourself back to the Sun in the following days. Burns, depending on severity, can be: 1) first degree burns, in which the epidermis presents an erojecimiento that will heal quickly (is the case of sunburn); (2) second degree burns, where the skin lining of blisters; and (3) third degree burns, where the skin becomes so damaged that there is no forced to resort to a transplant to recover it. Aloe is very effective for first and second degree burns, in fact thanks to its antibiotic and antibacterial properties, prevents infections, while the isobarbaloin and the acindos cinnamic and Salicylic exert an effective analgesic action. Finally, the acemanano facilitates the regeneration of damaged tissues. After having it cleaned and cooled down, is advisable to rub the affected area with a mixture of juice or pure gel of aloe and honey. Source: Aloeysalud.

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