Safety Of International Transport

Some recommendations to ensure the safety of international transport virtually any company in one way or another faced with the problem of ensuring security of cargo delivered, and in the first place, this problem concerns the organization of trucking. If air freight, sea (including container transport) and rail freight can still be controlled, then the motion of the truck as read some of the recommendations that will help reduce risk and protect your cargo. Tip 1. Check the insurance carrier Some entrepreneurs involved in Trucking, acquire insurance policy in installments, but do not contribute. Of course, the policy immediately canceled, but the paper remains an entrepreneur on your hands. This bad policy is presented to all potential customers, as the guarantor reliability of the carrier, and, oddly enough, is a primitive fraud often works. Advice is simple: do not be lazy to call the insurance company and clarify the status of an insurance policy – this will save you from unscrupulous carriers.

Tip 2. Not cargo put their proposals on specialized sites. It so happens that shortly after announcement of its author is associated carrier make a very good offer, and absolutely agree on all conditions, its only requirement – leave as quickly as possible. The outcome is obvious: in a hurry no time to thoroughly examine the documents and reputation carrier, the cars are loaded, go to the warehouse and disappear with the goods. The essence of advice: never in a hurry. Unearned money – it's not lost money. Carefully check all the documents of the carrier and, if possible, try to get information about it from third parties. The best option would appeal to companies providing services international traffic.

Tip 3. Please specify the the present value gruzNe secret that most importers deliberately underestimating the cost of imported goods in order to reduce customs duties. This is often used by unscrupulous carriers: a case of theft or damage to goods, worth 100 thousand dollars they reimburse at a rate of 2 or 3 thousand This is a really complicated situation, but fortunately there is one simple way: wrap with a carrier such an agreement in which the loss of cargo He will have to pay you a specific amount, comparable to the cost of freight. Experienced, honest and reliable carrier will agree on it, the fraudster refuses once, which, however, only better. Tip 4. Try to keep track of movement gruza.Trebuyte carrier to inform you on the progress of transportation: click on a route several checkpoints on the passage which you will receive a message. Such a simple way will help you a bit to control the situation

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