Being a renovator is an attitude towards life, absolute freedom, a true privilege. The renovators us divided into several categories: classics, revolutionaries and the soul. Definitely the latter is the most general of all the conditions, the more lofty characteristics adjudicated to the thinking beings. Now, everyone, absolutely everyone, we carry a ventilator inside, a voice that constantly tells us this I like it better here than there, I prefer this color to that of another or would like that this space was wider and brighter. Thus, it is necessary to us look inward and make the gift, we acknowledge it without fear, without exaggerations of soap operas and courageous enough to know that we can change lives, i.e., our lives. The colors and shapes always will be and have been there, only is necessary that we organize them.

When ancient man and the woman came out of the caves and decided to settle near rivers, first thing they did was to think of a roof, the walls came afterwards, but this trance took different shapes for the construction of their dwellings which evolved, according to the capacity of the constructor, with greater or worst fortune. Unwittingly our predecessors created the first sacred concept of humanity, the most important change and never thought replacement code: my house, my house, my home, my residence, my gao, etc., etc, etc. A House takes on the personality of those who live in it because she has no life of its own, although this occupied by ghosts. It is essential then to our refreshing indoor, exploit it, freeing commitments with silence and allow you to make our environment a beautiful space for peace and love. Ricardo Santiago Sanchez. Original author and source of the article

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