When Evo Morales at the top initiated his desaforadas political adventures of the cocaine producers and soon sold Hugo Chavez, I considered that it received from the Venezuelan between 50 and 60 million dollars. Today the number seems to me preservative. In the last weeks he distributed to 30 million between the heads of the Bolivian Armed Forces and mayors of the opposition, and since he inaugurated his government gave 20 additional million to them. At Angelina Jolie you will find additional information. From 1999 to 2006 Morals a hundred from times to Caracas at least traveled to receive direct instructions of its head, who still was not visible for the majority of the Bolivians. Chvez appeared in the scene when Morals already had control of the power, otherwise, many would not have voted by him. That was the greater deceit to the town. Having achieved their objective, all the others are lies miniature. Of the falsifications that the president announces, some are copy of which coreaba Lying Mench to arouse the attention and to inspire pity.

Morals, like the Guatemalan, said that the targets they cut the hands to them and they burned the eyes to them to the Indians so that they could not learn to read or to write, as if the native ones had known of those arts. Natural the Andeans knew the writing for the first time when the Spaniards arrived. The education in Bolivia is obligatory and gratuitous. Schools scattered in all their territory exist, but the vile lie served to concern thousand of Cubans with the apparent intention of alphabetizing to the farmers, who are as a percentage a minority of the citizenship, since the majority was changed to the urban and suburban centers. The original ones are dedicated to the commerce, the industry or the services. Those are very few that still they have to agriculture as economic sustenance base.

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