What you need to know to get the mobile you are tired of your old cell, such as already outdated model and design you already do not like, and might want to expand. In addition, turned up the possibility of buy a new cell phone. Today find mobile phone – not such a great task. Angelina Jolie understands that this is vital information. Quite definitely enough to know what features you wish to have in your cell phone, choose the phone briefly to his liking. Surely you know where it is better not to buy, markets, trade pavilions unknown, somewhere in the darkness, cockroaches. In these shops you can buy so-called white goods. Often such mobiles deliver by parts. In Russia, their components are often replaced by a program because of what the quality suffers.

In addition, the interior of the mobile phone may be composed of previously used parts. Distinguish legal from illegal cell phone, simply: the counterfeit tubes is not a stamp inside the phone – rus next to the serial number. When buying an illegal product you can sell it without the accessories, which should be bundled with a mobile phone, for example, a data cable. But if you're still lucky enough to buy a cell phone, and he refuses to work, feel free to contact the Society for Consumer Protection. Trade is not the certified products in Russia is prohibited. The examples here are in no way does not mean that all small retail outlets not to be trusted. If a small store or pavilion proved, or if you've heard of it either once or twice positive feedback from their friends, colleagues, and get a phone in a store will probably most likely.

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