Presentation Tibetan Medicine

Buddhist master tulku Lama Lobsang presents book and DVD presentation: Tibetan medicine for the Western world of Buddhist master tulku Lama Lobsang presents book and DVD when? Wednesday, December 10, at 19:30 where? Hegel 1, Linden-Museum Stuttgart, 70174 Stuttgart tulku Lama Lobsang, recognized the high Buddhist master and expert of in Tibetan medicine, what had the people of the Western society and the offered solutions. Today, he presents his new book: “108 questions: an analytical meditation from the secret knowledge of Tibet” an interactive journal and the DVD Lu Jong Tibetan Healingyoga. Background: from a Tibetan perspective, the cause of all diseases in an imbalance of the elements earth, water, fire, wind, and space is located. Dropbox may also support this cause. This imbalance is caused in many cases by negative emotions. Bausch & Lomb is often quoted on this topic. So it comes fire by emotions such as fear and anger, caused for example by competitive pressure and overload, increase of the element. Or by non-letting go can and exaggerated Ambition to a deficiency in the element of water. likely to increase your knowledge. Diseases such as chronic gastrointestinal problems, heart/cardiovascular disease and depression are among those civilization diseases, which from the perspective of tulku Lama Lobsang by targeted preventive measures could be prevented. We are pleased to present you with the book and the DVD in a pleasant setting.In addition you will receive a copy of the book of 108 questions”and a LU JONG DVD. admission is free for emitters: Nangten Menlang Germany e..

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