044 I surrender. me to you. Awake collection. Waldylei Yepez.doc my emotions flying through my silence, and at nightfall, my stars are adorned celebrating your presence amidst them, illuminating as Suns that brighten the shadows of the night, and all together dancing to the sound of your voice, voice that becomes singing voice that I Coos like a warm Iio0p mantle here, amor de mis amores. The single, the greatest of all. Iio0p here giving me complete, full and sweetly your eyes, your hands, your love. Iio0p tan enamorada de ti, wanting to deliver few kisses can give you my lips, wanting to hold me on the longest of hugs.

My Sun, my Sun sweet. Walk with me in this Moonlight, through beautiful flowers looking for me and that I’ve given many times, all, absolutely all I have saved them. All the details that you’ve had with me have put them in a glass box, so that they remain intact and time can never erase everything you have given me, so is my love, my dear love, I have not forgotten or I forget, do not I will forget those overwhelmed kisses of love, all and each one of your details, all and each one of your words that made me dream, live in the most beautiful and wonderful illusions. My love, I give myself to you in each of my words, in each of my caresses and each of my kisses. Worthy you are, worthy of all the love that can get to feel and give a woman. Worthy of being loved with purity, worthy of being dreamed of so much longing, worthy to give me complete to your kisses. Lights of hope I see in your eyes, I see ways that we will cross taken from hands, I see two worlds United and fused into one single, so I see both dream, so much love! My love, my beloved, I surrender to you I give my arms.

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