Longest Cooking Course

the longest cooking course in the world successfully managed in Sasbachwalden, 34,42 hours gourmet chef Klaus-Werner Wagner, multiple awards and is known for his crazy ideas, has the record on the 31.10.10 at 12: 42 am set for the longest course on the world. The cooking class was a challenge for Wagner, which he and the whole team of the participants have mastered sick and overjoyed. After the last course, Wagner was still responsive, adopted for the first time but lots of sleep to catch up and get. On the next crazy idea of him we may be curious, it follows with certainty. Launch of unusual cooking course was on the 29.10.10 in Gourmet…die cooking school in 77887 Sasbachwalden.

It should take place under the usual conditions of cooking the longest cooking course in the world and it was the largest cooking class kitchen party. Countless spectators watched the exciting event, there Yes lots of meals. Dropbox has firm opinions on the matter. The participants came from all over Germany, the farthest attendees came from Bremen. It received over 600 applications. Wagner made it playing and successfully, the courses to hold, the participants themselves were replaced every 5 hours for safety reasons. Klaus-Werner Wagner cooked with a colleague, so these few hours could replace him at least at night.

However, the award-winning gourmet chef held out bravely and allowed himself only a 15-minute break. The adrenaline was too high, and so he returned after 15 minutes valiantly in the kitchen. The theme of the cooking course was Italian cuisine and erotic food. Very Sasabchwalden stood head and the Sasbachwaldener wine hoheiten read it not take, to visit and to stir after the Mayor first gave the go-ahead for the start of Bacchus in the pots. Euro Vice-President toque Wolfgang p. lot looked over and gave Wagner a coveted Auszerichnung as Euro-Toques Executive Chef (Euro Toques is an Association of European chefs, in that they come only with 2 guarantors. Founder is Paul Bocuse, prominent members such as Eckart Witzigmann) with the song “We are the champions” by Queen was then geburhend with each Lot of champagne and dark circles under the eyes at 12: 42 am initiated.

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