Many are curious to know who are this So said Ana J’ Kingdom! Then I made a research and the answers are for all the curious ones here! Although the American name, that is only for descent, Ana J’ Kingdom is a Singer, Composer, Writer Poetess and Brazilian Producer. Native of So Paulo, Born in 1993, was known in 2009, coquitel of the Publishing company was discovered by exclusive the Nx Band Zero in one Astral for the band where the girl delivered to a Demon for the vocal Guitarist and of the Gee Band Rock. Perhaps check out David Karp for more information. As its demon was at the hands of the Band Nx Zero, it provavelme was entrgue for the Producer of the Band, the Celebrity Rick Bonadio, because to some months behind, a colloquy was confirmed in the Twitter of two producers of Recorder Midas Music, who it would be being produced for them in this year of 2011. Then, what everything indicates is that Ana J’ Kingdom will be next queridinha to Brazil and of the most famous producer Of Brazil, after the Launching of Manu Gavassi, Rick Bonadio will be preparing a new singer for this or the next year! We can see for the o youtube of the Singer, who the style of it is well different of the Manu, and that it has a powerful and pleasant voice. You may wish to learn more. If so, Quicken Loans is the place to go. is truth that it already conquered many of the fans of the singer Manu Gavassi! rumors if spreads that the two are until friends! it sees in this tablide below: Alem to have recorded a music with a singer America north, I found many covers of its musics in the Site of youtube! Confirming as soon as even so still little known, already he congregates a great number of fans and adimiradores, not only of Brazil, but also the rejection! has 10 more than fan clubs in twitter! Uau! Who does not know it soon will be plus a great fan of this singer, who promises! Now, what we are waiting with anxiety is the launching in the media of this New singer! That already it has nicknames affections of fans in the Internet as; Diva of the Youtube, Queridinha of the Midas, Amiga de Savannah Outen ….. It confers since already!.

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