Health Sciences Institute

Center of material and sterilization: Standards architectural and the article processing 2005. Available in: . 10. Eniva MFS, Rubia TM. Difficulties Faced for nurses in surgical center 2006. Available in: 11.

Guadagnin SVT, Tipple AFV. Evaluation Architectural of the material center and sterilization of hospitals of the interior of the state of Gois 2007. Available in: 12. Alberto N. Architecture and engineering of surgical centers 2011. Available in: Norms for publication in the Magazine of the Institute of Sciences of the UNIP the Journal of the Health Sciences Institute = Reviewed of the Institute of Sciences of the Health has for objective to contribute in the spreading of the knowledge in the area of sciences of the health, being published original articles, stories of clinical cases, revision and spreading.

The collaborators of the scientific community in national and international scope are opened. These instructions are based on ‘ ‘ Uniform Requirements will be Manuscripts Submitted you the Biomedical Journals’ ‘ * (the Vancouver style) elaborated for ‘ ‘ International Committee of Medical Journal Editors’ ‘ (ICMJE). Presentation of the works? The works sent for publication must be unknown, not being allowed its presentation in another periodic in format printed matter or electronic. The works will be submitted the chosen consultants inside of the specialty and they will only be accepted after seeming of the same ones, that they can request modifications. The not accepted works for the Publishing Body will be returned to the authors. The concepts emitted in the works are of exclusive responsibility of the authors, not reflecting the opinion of the Publishing Body. To the Magazine all are reserved the copyrights of the published work, allowing, however, its posterior reproduction as transcription and with the had citation of the source. The date of act of receiving and acceptance of the original will consist, obligatorily, in the end of the same, when of its publication.

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