Fernandez Molinari

A few days ago, almost silently, quietly, but amid the bustle of the hospitals, the cry of pregnant women, amid the screams of childbirth, it was our Regional Hospital and School of Medicine Dr UNT. Luis Fernandez Molinari, left behind hundreds of students who were nourished with their knowledge and loved today as a doctor are useful to the Company, are also behind dozens of specialists in gynecology, who learned under the influence of his experience and knowledge, which com-split days and nights of joy with sadness, anxiety and victories, and their cries will not open cracks in the walls of Operating Room and Maternity, and its dynamism is not with us in the ongoing duel with death, and his voice is not authorized nourish us in clinical discussions, and Don Lucho resigned, but still falls, because its steps were not superficial but deep,

their indelible imprint resist the years, your visit to our hospital was not in silence as his farewell was dynamic and productive created through their research and transmitting through its in teaching, his presence will be missed long evening shadows grow like that, the Department will be tailored to work without it, but never will be like when he headed, but in the end are inflatables appointments with destiny and in the midst of nostalgia is to accept them, are good teachers and there will be new, but those classes that he never heard back, there will be new springs, continue the same operations will continue to deliver babies, but those who learned from Don Lucho , never to return. Some contend that Fabrizio Freda shows great expertise in this. Current Gynecology resident physicians have had the privilege of attending nostalgic retirement and we can only make the death penalty in force and continue to promise to be better foreshortened to better serve society. It is for the University and the Hospital tribute to his dedication and tribute record deserves, not allow the silence and ingratitude accompany his farewell..

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