Fashion Aficionados is online! We are we engaged in fashion as very many people, daily fashion. Because in the morning, we consider what we attract. Because we don’t care how we look and what we combine. Because the magazine confronted us with the latest trends. Because we see clothing and accessories to people on the street, we would also like. Because we do have to work.

We are fashion\”, we want to establish a platform on which all creative, makers, and free spirits, who are busy with fashion anyway find a forum for Exchange and inspiration. Looking to take their talent and their drive those closer with contributions, product presentations, personal opinions and experiences, their philosophy, the specificity of their work, according to these pearls of the industry\”. Be it, seekers whose large hobby fashion and styling is, those who love special things and want to buy them or those who want to grow professionally in this industry. You seem to us Possibilities endless. The inexhaustible potential. And each day where we consecrate ourselves to this project, it grows with us more to the heart. Get more dynamic. We, that is a small team of a Munich-based agency.

5 heads from this basis. Sonja fashionably experimental colour not set, fashion associated with committed truffle pigs in products and brands, no fixed style accompanied her all her life. First it was the styling of a dozen Barbie dolls. Then, the stubborn in terms of its own styling came quickly. Red patent leather shoes should be in preschool children. This was made much drama and convinced Grandpa by charm offensive. Professionally, she was rather fashionable late bloomer. The advertising and publishing world she had many years firmly under control. Of luxury and lifestyle, fashion was at last five years ago. And it is since then daily as a PR consultant. We are fashion\”, it can bring people together, write articles and columns, and dive even deeper into the industry.

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